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        Shelly BLU H&T
        € 21,48Inc. VAT

        (based on shipping country: Austria)


        Bluetooth-operated Temperature & Humidity sensor

        Shelly BLU H&T is a water/dust-resilient Bluetooth sensor that precisely measures temperature and humidity levels, both crucial for maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment. When integrated with additional Shelly devices, it enables smooth climate control automation, enhancing the overall comfort and well-being within your space.

        1. Detects and reports temperature and humidity (free data storage)
        2. IP54 rated - water and dust-resilient
        3. Battery 1 x 3 V CR2032 - included
        4. Long Battery life - up to 3 years
        5. Encryption​ (high level of security)
        6. Beacon mode (can be used for presence detection)
        7. No HUB required! Easy control through the Shelly Smart Control app, BTHome protocol, or various platforms
        8. Can be integrated into automation scenarios and scenes

        * To use this device with the Shelly Smart Control app, a gateway is necessary. Compatible gateways are Shelly BLU Gateway, or any Shelly Plus, Pro or Gen3 device (excluding sensors). 

        Shelly BLU H&T
        € 21,48
        why shelly blu h&T?
        The toughest Shelly sensor

        Designed for discreet integration into any space, Shelly BLU H&T provides precise monitoring of temperature and humidity. With its IP54 rating, Shelly BLU H&T is built to withstand dust and water, making it reliable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Perfect for optimizing home comfort and health, Shelly BLU H&T seamlessly syncs with your smart home system for effortless automation and peace of mind. 


        Compact and Colorful

        Designed to blend beautifully with your interior or exterior, Shelly BLU H&T comes in a much smaller size and three elegant colors - Ivory, Mocha and Black. It adds to your room's aesthetic without claiming the spotlight, ensuring you have smart monitoring at every corner.

        Extended <br>Battery Life
        Battery Life
        Shelly BLU H&T's Bluetooth technology extends its battery life to up to 3 years! This boost in efficiency enables more frequent updates, ensuring your environment is constantly monitored.
        Shelly BLU H&T is both water and dust-resistant, making it the first Shelly sensor of its kind that works even in the most challenging environments. Whether it's monitoring outdoor conditions or placed in moist areas, this device is built to last.

        Quicker response, longer battery life, and easy inclusion

        IP54 Protection level

        Water and dust-resilient, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

        Long-lasting battery

        Battery life of up to 3 years, depending on daily usage

        Measures temperature & humidity

        Reports real-time changes in temperature and humidity

        Free data

        Features up to 1 year of free data storage for analysis and statistics

        Scene activation 

        Set custom scenes by combining Shelly BLU H&T with your other Shelly devices

        Use Cases
        use cases
        Smart Climate Control

        Maintain your home's comfort efficiently. When placed outdoors, Shelly BLU H&T can act as an early warning system and ensure your home adapts to changing weather conditions. Set it to trigger automations - activate the heating system or close the blinds to maintain your desired indoor temperature.

        use cases
        Bathroom Humidity Control

        Maintain a healthy environment in your bathroom with Shelly BLU H&T. Its IP54 level of protection guarantees that exposure to steam and splashes won't compromise the device's performance, making it the perfect bathroom companion. By integrating the sensor with Shelly Plus 1 wired to your bathroom fan, you can automate humidity control with ease. Set a scene where, upon detecting high humidity levels, Shelly Plus 1 activates the fan, effectively reducing moisture.

        use cases
        Business and Storage Solutions

        Shelly BLU H&T excels in professional settings, offering reliable monitoring for storage rooms, server rooms, and other business environments. Its IP54 level of protection ensures that dust and moisture won't compromise the sensor's performance. With its long battery life and strong build, businesses can rely on Shelly BLU H&T for continuous, accurate monitoring to safeguard valuable assets.

        Smart home control, perfected.

        Shelly Smart Control

        Shelly Smart Control -
        one app to control your spaces, energy consumption, and expenses. 
        Full compatibility
        Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android and iOS. Together with the voice assistant, you can command Shelly devices using just your voice! 
        OK Google, set Lights to 60 percent
        Alexa, set the curtains to 75 percent
        Size (HxWxD):37x37x10 mm / 1.46x1.46x0.39 in
        Weight:13 g / 0.44 oz
        Mounting:On a flat surface
        Shell material:Plastic
        Shell color:Black,Mocha,Ivory
        Ambient working temperature:-20 °C to 60 °C /-5 °F to 140 °F
        Humidity:0% to 100% RH
        Protection class:IP54
        Power supply:1x 3 V battery (included)
        Battery type:CR2032
        Estimated battery life:3 years
        Bluetooth protocol:4.2
        RF band:2400 - 2483.5 MHz
        Max. RF power:< 4 dBm
        Range:Up to 30 m / 100 ft outdoors, up to 10 m / 33 ft indoors (depending on local conditions)
        Encryption:AES (CCM mode)
        Product support
        Even the smartest minds need 
        a little guidance sometimes
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