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        Customer Support
        Shelly Smart Control app

        Each Shelly can be integrated and works with all other Shelly devices in the Shelly Smart Control application.

        Shelly Cloud application

        Support Ticket

        The fastest way to resolve an issue if you have one. Open a ticket in our Support system.

        Support Ticket

        Knowledge Base

        Learn everything:
        Shelly Devices, Installation guides, Application Guide, Web interface guides and more. 

        Knowledge Base


        Join Shelly's strong community where users share ideas, projects, ask questions and support each other!

        Community Facebook Group
        Community Forum

        Developers API

        Here you can find guidance, information and frequently asked questions when having issues with devices or need to install new updates. 

        Shelly API

        Shelly Device Finder

        A simple tool to find shelly devices in the local network.

         For Windows
        For MacOSX