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        Wi-Fi-based $39 Shelly Motion Sensor Targets Smart Home Market
        February 11, 2021

        The motion sensor is finally moving into the 21 Century. Decades ago, it was a major leap when PIRs moved from hardwired to wireless battery-powered devices. Now, Bulgaria-based Allterco Robotics (BSE: A4L) is helping to make the next major leap in motion sensor technology with its $39 Wi-Fi-based Shelly Motion, a next-generation motion sensor with long battery life that is using Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) Wi-Fi solution.
        The Silicon Labs’ wireless technology enables Shelly Motion to be an ultra-low-power sensor, making it energy efficient. And because it can connect directly to a Wi-Fi router without the need for a hub, it is easy to install. The sensor also offers full compatibility with Alexa, Home Assistant and SmartThings. It also has an open API allowing it to be controlled by third-party home automation platforms.

        Shelly Motion features a 6500mAh rechargeable battery that can operate and remain connected to a home Wi-Fi network for more than one year on a single charge. The sensor remains connected to the Wi-Fi network 24/7, delivering real-time response (less than 200ms on average) and instant detection of even the slightest movement, according to the company. This combination of features enables Shelly Motion to trigger immediate smart home actions by another device, such as turning on the lights when a person enters a room.

        Shelly Motion Installation, Design

        The sensor itself is sleek looking compared to standard bulky wireless PIRs that have been the staple of the security industry for years. The Shelly Motion unit is white so it blends in unobtrusively; it is oval in shape with rounded edges and a circular lens. It’s optimal detection range is up to 25 feet away; the ideal mounting height is between 7 feet and 8 feet off the floor.

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