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        Shelly x Smart Things
        Smart Assistant
        Shelly x Smart Things
        Smart Assistant

        Shelly x Smart Things

        Make your smart home even smarter! 

        Now you can include your Shelly devices in Smart Things for an effortless home automation experience. You can control electrical and lighting products, home appliances, sensors, gateways, and much more. 

        Single device control 

        Control any individual Shelly device in your home with Smart Things intuitive app.

        Room control 

        Control all devices in a room simultaneously by creating groups.

        Scene control

        Get creative by syncing multiple devices into one seamless action.

        How to get started with Shelly x Samsung SmartThings?

        • Step 1: Download Shelly Smart Control application from Google App Store and add your Shelly devices following the inclusion steps in the user manual.
        • Step 2: Go to the room you set up during the app setup or create a new room for your Shelly devices.
        • Step 3: Select "Add device" and choose the option "By brand". In the alphabetical order of the brands, go to "S" and select Shelly.
        • Step 4: Log in to "Shelly Cloud" with the credentials of your Shelly Cloud account. Wait for the SmartThings and Shelly connection to fully load.
        • Step 5: Once this process is completed, all of your devices connected to Shelly Cloud will be available in SmartThings.


        You may need to rename your devices in the Shelly app for Samsung SmartThings to recognize them more easily. To obtain better control performance, please specify a clear one-word name for each device in the Shelly Cloud application like “Light”, “Blinds”, “Iron” and so on.