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        Shelly Customer's projects
        Mark Boyle
        1. Smart Electric Car Charger

        I took a dumb EV charger and installed a Shelly 1 to allow remote control and scheduling of the charging routine to utilise low rate electric on a Renewables tariff helping me to save money and lower my CO2 emissions. I also used a Shelly EM to monitor the power consumption. My project was published on automatedhome.co.uk, see link supplied.

        Converting to a DIY Shelly Smart Home, Part 2,  A Smarter EV Charger
        Andreas Schmidt
        2. Shellyfied Hood

        A not-so-smart kitchen hood gets an upgrade: In order to switch the hood’s light and steer the fanspeed two Shelly UNIs are fitted in the controlbox. Additionally sensors for temperature and humidity report cooking-activity and the fan starts and stops automatically.
        Software used: ioBroker, node-red.

        Sascha Rühling
        3. Shelly Sunlight Sensor

        A light sensor for installation on the window, which controls your shutters (controlled with Shelly 2.5) according to the intensity of the sunlight. Project-Video is in german language. Sorry 

        Omar Sharkeyeh
        4. Shelly music visualiser

        The visualisation done with the help of Web AudioContext which triggers a REST API of the iOT device “shelly”.

        W.T. van Kampen
        5. Brink Renovent HR/Medium heat recovery unit automation with Shelly 1 and Shelly H&T

        A Brink Renovent is combined with a Brink Elan air heater to provide fast, comfortable heat while also economical. I replaced the standard fan speed switch with Shelly 1 devices and used Home Assistant and a Shelly H&T to autmatically control the fan speed.

        Heikki Kivistö
        6. Ventilation control

        In the box behind the normal Zehnder remote control there are two Shelly Unis. The outputs of Unis are soldered parellelly to the microswitches of remote to have speed 1,2 and short/long time 3. Above the box there is DHT22 which turns “”short 3″” on if humidity in the bathroom is over 80% (=somebody showers). The other Uni is connected to two SD18B20 – one is just showing the outside temp, other is triggering “”long 3″” once sauna reaches 50 C.
        Furthermore there are webhooks with IFTT from Netatmo, it turns on “”short 3″” once CO2 level is over 800 ppm.
        Of course one can also control ventilation directly from the remote control or with Shelly App.
        Transformer for the Unis is feeding also led starry sky in sauna – that is controlled by Shelly 1.
        Intercom remote control for Aiphone GT is in pipeline, but the solenoids for pushing the buttons are still in China …

        Bobby Slope
        7. 180qm Loft Switzerland

        180qm Loft in Switzerland Basilea. 110qm Office Space. Total of 129 Shelly Actors. Blind, All lights, Switches, Motorized Home Cinema Screen”

        Marco Di Donna
        8. All domotic home

        Project 1: I explain how flash the firmware for trasformate in HomeKit compatible whit movement sensor! Nothing to declare. Can you see on my YouTube channel. I have almost 45 shelly in my house. For lights, windows covering, smoke sensor etc but ALL OF THIS flash it for work only whit HomeKit apple. Thanks for your devices.

        Marco Di Donna
        9. All domotic home 2

        Project 2: I explain I have used all of your product in my house! All flash whit another firmware. Nothing to declare. Can you see on my YouTube channel. I have almost 45 shelly in my house. For lights, windows covering, smoke sensor etc but ALL OF THIS flash it for work only whit HomeKit apple. Thanks for your devices

        Uwe Rohne
        10. Wallbox meets photovoltaik

        I load my e-car with sun-power. A shelly 3em measure up which power my photovoltaik-system produce. Is eneugh power, the wallbox can load my car. I use the API-connection of the shelly smartmeter. I wrote an articel in the MAKE magazine of the Heise Verlag, Hannover. I give you three links, to the article and to a github download of some pictures and software to the project. The best way to understand my project is, when You download the article from the Internet. I know that many people will copy the project to control her own wallboxes. Sorry, my englisch is not the best. If You have any questions, please ask!
        Best regards Uwe Rohne

        Emmanuel HEBERT
        11. Make a Floating Deck for an Inflatable SPA, With a Motorized Cover

        An elevated 11 m² terrace, which includes an inflatable SPA with a sliding cover covers it when not in use, it is motorized thanks to a gate motor, it can be controlled from a smartphone or by voice command with Alexa. There are also 4 spots, also controlled via the Shelly app or by voice command.

        Julián Bernal Gutiérrez
        12. 123 Apartments

        We used Shelly 25 and Shelly Dimmer to automate lights to 123 apartments in my country. Users can control lights by voice with Google Home and using the App.

        Marian Szetyinszki
        13. Home Cinema Automation

        My lifetime project of a personal home cinema took many months to finish. After installing the LED strips I discovered Shelly modules and became a huge fan of Shelly. Tons of ideas came to my mind and several projects created after. This video is a showcase of one of the Shelly projects. It presents where and how I had used the Shelly modules to automate the home cinema, to sync and group various lights in order to create atmosphere for different occasions, to auto switch the projector when in the cinema mode ,to pull the screen in such scenario and many more actions by just simply combining Shelly and some additional HW engineering and SW programming understanding for additional optional advanced enhancements.
        It is a big fun and it is so easy and affordable to use Shelly out of the box!

        Marian Szetyinszki
        14. Gate remote control

        Typical motorized gate opening drivers are closed systems with RF remote control. The remote controls are low range closed security coded RF systems which makes it almost impossible to integrate to any home solutions, mainly for older drivers. If remote key lost, or new remote needed for new household members, one must buy a new RF remote control, let them coded for the particular gate, usually by servicemen . This is rather complicated and expensive process. Moreover, in case you forget to close the gate when leaving, you cannot do any remote control closing…. I solved this issue with a simple installation of Shelly 1. Now I can control the gate from my mobile anywhere in the world . I can share the gate control with any trusted people with no additional cost! No remote control purchasing and coding by servicemen anymore! And as a bonus, as a hobby programmer I can integrate the gate opener to any other projects- including, but not limited to, the smart watches…

        Paul Reed
        15. Building a Shelly dimmer into a bedside lamp

        Installing a shelly dimmer2 module inside of a bedroom lamp so that it can be controlled by voice, instead of trying to find the switch in the dark! A basic project, but we all start somewhere!

        16. Pool-Control

        With the Shelly 2.5 and Shelly1 with Hat for Tempsensor I control my Pool. The script ist running on a raspberry with iobroker.
        The Shelly2.5 control the pump and the 3-way-valve (valve via a relay from Eltako). The Shelly 1 is still for collecting the temperature and as spare to control lights. For more see the link 

        Mike Isaac
        17. A Smarter Dishwasher

        This is my integrated dishwasher. A budget model that doesn’t even have a built-in timer, but only installed about two years ago so we certainly did not want to rip it out. I decided instead to use energy monitoring to track the state (off, running, finished) and expose this to Home Assistant, along with the relay in the Shelly to enable automatic demand-shift timing based on my dynamic energy price tariff.

        Aaron Fish
        18. Building Automation Sales & Demonstration Panel

        I wanted to build a demonstration panel to use during presentations for customers, as well as training, and product testing. I have really enjoyed using Shelly products in my home and decided to use them to enhance my panel as well as showcase them to potential customers.

        Dave Healey
        19. Time for Tea

        Simple automation to open & close kitchen cabinets and boil the kettle. All tasks associated with making a cup of tea.

        Yvo von Känel
        20. Space Cockpit decal

        In an old flagpole a tube-motor and an axle was mounted an then a big picture of a spaceship-interior is glued on.
        Controlled by a Shelly in Blinds/Shades-Mode, either over an attached cord-switch or over an shelly Button one which starts a scene in my Hive (see other posts on my ptofile).

        Francesco Ferraro Carusoc
        21. CamperCheck

        The project is called CamperCheck and uses a Shelly UNI and its functions are:
        • Measure up to 3 motorhome/campervan batteries to send an alarm to your cell phone if the batteries are running low.
        • Measure the temperature in 3 different points (e.g. foreign, internal and refrigerator) or the temperature and humidity in 1 point only.
        • Has a programmable switch to remotely turn on a device
        • Can know if two devices/switches/buttons are turned on/switched/pushed (used as car burglar alarm)
        Facebook page
        Facebook group
        YouTube Channel
        Applications where it is used
        1) Used to check the status of the batteries while the RV is storing and be alerted when they are running low.
        2) Check for possible water infiltration by monitoring temperature and humidity trends.
        3) remotely turn on the heater, test made Webasto, Eberspächer and the like
        4) Remote control turn on/off of a refrigerator with control of the temperatures of the freezer and refrigerator areas; and check the ignition of the engine by reading the wire under the ignition switch that uses the trivalent refrigerator (anti-theft). Turns off the refrigerator automatically if the batteries are running low. Installation done by the workshop https://www.laregroup.it/
        5) verification of the level of “”black water”” for automatic activation of the macerator for pouring into an additional tank, made by the workshop www.stopngocamper.com/
        6) Used as an anti-theft device by verifying that the VR’s driver’s cab courtesy light is on and sending a notification to your cell phone.
        7) Sending a notification to your cell phone when the RV alarm siren sounds by intercepting the burglar alarm “”enable wire”” and reading it with an input from the Shelly UNI.
        8) you can read if you’ve left your RV’s service switch on by reading the 12V voltage with an input from the Shelly UNI
        9) and other ideas that we will continue to implement

        Massimiliano Comaschi
        22. Shelly+Sirena+Faretto Led – Invento un allarme per la mia casa usando il dispositivo Shelly Motion

        Ho deciso di fare un allarme per la mia abitazione usando i dispositivi Shelly. Ho scelto questi dispositivi perché ne ho già installati tanti nella mia abitazione, per far accendere lampadine, aprire cancelli e cancelletti e salire e scendere tapparelle. Se vuoi qualche idea guarda i miei video precedenti. voglio fare accendere una sirena ed un faro in caso di intrusione e come rilevamento di movimento userò uno Shelly Motion, che lo considerò un buon prodotto molto personalizzabile. Ed unirò due Shelly 1 per comandare la sirena ed il faretto. Questo è solo l’inizio, poi più avanti voglio inserire anche dei sensori per porta finestra sempre di Shelly e altri sensori, sirene e faretti. Comunque per ora mi limito alla prima configurazione e voglio condividere con te il mio lavoro.

        Franz Goschala
        23. Software based Thermostat for underfloor heating

        I was looking for a control-unit for an underfloor heating, which I can use with Homekit for a reasonable price, but I found nothing, which is flexibel enough. Thats why I decided to create my own software thermostat to control the underfloor heating. The node-red flow controls a Shelly RGBW2 in “”white mode”” to get 4 independent channels for the underfloor heating valves (24V). Combined with a temperature sensor on the wall it works like a normal thermostat. Now it is possible to set the target temperature manually via HomeKit App or automatically by a CalDav calendar entry.

        24. Self PV my gardenshed

        Installing small Photovoltaic, measuring with Shelly, integration in Home Assistant

        Craig Moss
        25. DIY Project Moss – 1950’s into a Smart Home

        Bringing a 1950’s house into the modern age with a full rewire and large extension incorporating Shelly into every Light, Garage Door, Smoke Alarm, Extractor Fans, Pumps and much more. Shelly has formed the backbone and key component for the lighting of the household with other device contributing to the Smart Home. Shelly has proven to be reliable and the installation of choice.

        Marco Nannini
        26. Irrigazione smart

        Impianto di irrigazione orto-giardino domotico:
        – cisterna recupero acque piovane
        – pompa ad immersione comandata con Shelly 1PM
        – 5 elettrovalvole comandate con Shelly 1
        – 1 sonda temperatura x Shelly 1
        – 1 sonda profondità letta da Shelly UNI
        – 1 elettrovalvola reintegro acqua comandata da Shelly UNI

        Stefan Kalt
        27. Old house latest technology

        The house is to be controlled and monitored from a central point. The surroundings of the house should also be visualized. The expansion for Christmas should be optional. The notifications about the end of the 3d printer were made via the “”adapter”” whatsapp-cmb in IoBroker The switches control the channel on which the notification is sent.

        Thorsten Eurich
        28. Shelly powered internet-connection monitor

        The idea behind this project is to monitor a router’s internet connection and restart the router if the connection fails for a defined period of time. It’s yet another real use-case which demonstrates the power of ShellyScript.

        Stephen Shephard
        29. Interfacing with Loxone

        This project show you just how versatile the Shelly range of products are. My main automation system uses the Loxone miniserver. I needed to know my power consumption and control a standard lamp. While it is possible to do this via Loxone its not that easy. Using Shelly products I was able to to this quite easily and all at a reasonable cost. So now Via the Loxone app on my phone I can see how much energy my apartment is consuming and turn on the standard lamp with ease.

        30. Realization of a power strip with SHELLY UNI and temperature sensor

        I have realized a multipurpose with the Shelly UNI, 4 domotized sockets complete with temperature sensor and buttons.

        Petr Tvaroha

        I make small meteor sensor station which help me to automate my home.

        Roberto Jorge
        33. How to Measure Solar PV System on a Budget

        How to measure a Solar PV system with a budget smart device such as Shelly 1PM

        Roberto Jorge
        34. Kitchen Water Heater Control Temperature & Power

        How to control the temperature of our Indoor Water Heater and its Power

        Matthew Hudson
        35. Light effect busy board for kids

        A “busy board” with buttons and sliders for the kids, they can control the lights, brightness, colour and effects!

        36. Automatic and fully sun powered Legionella prevention cycle

        If you’re using an old heat pump (that does not provide the Legionella prevention cycle natively) and a sanitary water storage, you’ll easily set up an automation with shelly devices in a few. With photovoltaic panels in addition, the energy needed for a cycle will come for free thanks to Shelly smart devices.

        37. UV-C sterlization box

        Small uvc sterilizer for masks and smaller things is ready. The box is printed on a 3D printer made of red PETG material, with an inner layer of 2mm aluminum foil inside. The exterior is protected from UV and temperature with a protective gray spray. Shely 1 was used for control, shelly uv-c led strip for sterilization. I plan to donate two UVC sterilizers to the local hospital.

        Marcel Imig
        38. Building a Discreet Smarthome Status Visualization With Shelly and OpenHAB

        This project shows how to build a simple solution, that reminds you of closing windows and switching off the lights, through a minimal invasive method: A regular lamp is been controlled by a Shelly module and two additional status LEDs will show you what’s going on in your home.

        Erik Wolgast
        39. Leave Home Button

        A button next to my door that turns off all lights and smart speakers in my house. Created using a detached shelly 2.5, a shelly scene and amazon alexa. Extremly convenient for me and my family, don’t have to check the app, don’t have to run around the house to turn of light switches etc.

        Massimo Rossi
        40. Augmented Reality in Agriculture Treatments

        This project has been implemented combining diverse technology components of which Shelly plays an important role controlling essential parameters like temperature and humidity and working as actuator in irrigation system. Traditional methods used in agriculture require time, dedication and long stable presence on field. What makes it more difficult to achieve this is amount of time is the traditional method of production with outdated technology. One of these modern technologies is Augmented Reality (AR). Although the application of this technology in agriculture is already in its infancy, it shows very promising qualities for a possible revolution in the agricultural production processes.

        41. Shelly light control

        Idea is to have remotely controlled lightning in my case for home entrance, but sure can be used on any location.

        Florin Voicu
        42. Shelly around the house with Home Assistant

        Home Assistant is an excellent smart home platform and, combined with Shelly products, one can have automations with no cloud involvement at all. My project includes several scripts & automations (as defined in Home Assistant’s scripts.yaml & automations.yaml) with Shelly products, which automate my and my child’s bedtime routines, as well as offer handy notifications when the dryer is finished.

        Attila Farago
        43. 3D Printing finished notification

        I would like to know when my Wanhao 3D printer has finished printing using a Shelly Plug S power consumption monitoring.

        Plamen Danov
        44. Managing Home electrical boiler system with Shelly relays and Home Assistant

        The project is related to transforming a house boiler electrical heater into a smart device. The goal is to control the heating process of the water based on different parameters and reduce electrical consumption. The heater control can be divided into two different areas. Controlling of the main heater with a power of 6KW and controlling of the second heater with the additional power of 3KW. The Shelly relays are controlling the high power circuit commutators based on the logic integrated into the Home assistant server. The First heater is activated based on control logic taking into consideration the average outside temperature last 3 days, outside average temperature last 30 minutes, and the position of the heating valves in the house. The second heater is controlled by logic taking into consideration the boiler in and out the water temperature.

        Gerardo Ortiz
        45. HVAC smart monitor

        My project is based on Shelly uni. I have developed a very accurate tool to measure differential pressure in a central AC unit. I have joined a Shelly uni with an analog differential pressure sensor with a range of +500 Pa -500 Pa (+-2 in h2O), and I added to them an analog process monitor, and 2 static pressure tips. Knowing the differential pressure on the equipment allows me not only to calculate air velocity along the system, but also to know when AC filter is clogged to replace it, or to know if the evaporator coil is frozen, or if the AC blower is mulfuntioning. I have created an scene that trigger a notification when the differential pressure reaches a threshold value. Also, I have incorporated to the smart monitor, 3 DS18B20, and 1 DH22 sensors (I am using 2 Shelly uni).Those sensors are dedicated to monitor AC suction line temperature, liquid line temperature, supply air temperature, and return air humidity, and temperature. With all that data and doing some basic math it is possible to evaluate precisely equipment performance. Finally, I have wired an AC float switch to the Shelly uni to monitor when the AC drain line is clogged, notifying when that event occurs, and also turning off AC unit to prevent water damage. Finally, I have added a water leak detector just in case water might reach the AC closet floor. I have created another scene for the purpose of being notified in such a case. In the video I am sharing everybody can see how accurate is this monitor compared to a Testo differential pressure tool I have hooked side by side. Also, notice that the ADC values of the Shelly uni correspond to the same numbers shown on the display. To summing up, I can tell everybody that a differential pressure sensor is not only useful for monitoring an AC unit as shown, but also very useful for developing medical tools, for measuring negative or positive pressure in surgery rooms to prevent cross contamination, etc.

        Xavier Decuyper
        46. Smart Garage Opener

        Shelly 1 to control a garage door opener + a contact sensor to see the state of the door.

        Giorgio Menon
        47. Smart – Phone Recharger

        The idea is very simple, I have a wall sockets close to my bed, where I leave my phone on charge during the night. Exploiting the internal switch capability of Shelly 1L and the Shelly integration with Home Assistant, I can switch-on the wall socket during the night and as soon as the recharge is complete, using an HA automation sensing the phone battery status and if it is more than 99%, the automation will switch-off the wall socket using Shelly 1L. I’ve posted a detailed PDF file, with photos and descriptions on Facebook. Here below the link of the group. Bye!

        Hamish Moore
        48. Shelly 1 – outdoor lighting solution

        The outdoor light needed to have the function to switch off but stay lit to light the way from the shed to the house. A sensor was not the preferred solution due to false activations and the lack of ability to leave on when the shed is occupied but nobody is outside. I configured a shelly 1 to work as a normal push-button switch for the on and off then configured the long press as a “run-down” timer. Simple but effective solution using the shelly 1 and shelly app. This needed to be simple and easily used by the client.

        Renzo Klijn
        49. New Home Project – comfort for the family

        We are getting a new home as of march 2022, this project is to make life a bit more comfortable with lighting, security and emergency plans. also make use of the integrated features to ensure the lights turn off. (everyone knows that the kids leave the lights on ;))

        50. Domotica shelly uni

        Gli shelly sono fantastici. Con questo progetto nostro l’utilizzo di shelly uni come controller per interfaccia con sistema d’allarme, pilotare gli shelly 2.5, azionare l’apertura e la chiusura di cancello carrabile e pedonale.

        Filipe Castilho
        51. How to automate a garage door using a Shelly 1

        In this project I show, step by step, how to use a shelly 1 to automate a garage door.

        Deyan Vitanov
        52. Shelly Smart House Sofia

        This is my Shelly smart home setup located in in Sofia, Bunkera. The video shows half of the house automations. All rooms, floors and roof are shelly automated. All shellys connect to Asus AI mesh system of nodes in multiple places around the house – using same wifi network. More improvements will be added in the upcoming winter (motion sensors, Alexa, irrigation system control, heated outdoor stairs, etc..) www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0VpyOiP58c

        Fabio Bertini
        53. Door lock status

        Normal door sensors give you the open/door status of a door but they can’t tell you if the door is locked! So I created and adapted a push button an placed it in the door frame. Now when the door is locked/unlocked the Shelly send me a notification.

        54. Marvel Filme Regal

        Hier einige Details zu dem Regal:
        Breite: 1,20m
        Tiefe: 16cm
        Höhe: ca 40cm
        Gewicht: ca 10-13Kg
        Betrieben wird die Technik mit einem 12Volt Netzteil mit 5Ampere, welches seinen Platz im inneren der Box gefunden hat.
        Das Regal hat 4 einzelne Beleuchtungen(Marvel,Steine,Plexiglas,Balken) welche einzeln schaltbar sind. So kann man ganz nach
        seinem Geschmack seine Beleuchtung einstellen.
        Verbaut wurden Handelsübliche Led-Stripes in den Farben rot,blau und kaltweiß.
        Die weißen Led´s befinden sich hinter den Infinity Steinen,welche in den entspechenden Farben mit einem 3D Drucker mit transparentem
        Filament gedruckt wurden.Die Balken haben nur die Aufgabe die Bluray in Reihe zu halten damit die Hüllen nicht quer stehen.
        Neben jedem Gravierten Plexiglas Plättchen, steht dann der jeweilige Film. Somit finden alle 22 Bluray Hüllen ihren Platz.
        Gesteuert wirde die Beleuchtung über Wlan. Dazu wurden 4 Shelly1 verbaut, die mit 12Volt betrieben werden.
        Diese sind dann per Smartphone,Pc,Tablet und Alexa steuerbar. Es befindet sich auch noch ein kleiner Taster an der Seite um die ganze
        Box von Hand an oder aus zu schalten.
        An Gerätschaften wurden benutzt:
        CO2 Laser
        3D Drucker
        Zum Holzfinish(welches man in dem Video jetzt leider nicht sehen kann) wurde von der Firma Liberon Antik Wachs in der Farbe Nussbaum

        Filipe Castilho
        56. How to automate a light bulb using a Shelly 1PM

        In this video I’m showing how to automate a light bulb using a Shelly 1PM.

        Valentijn Demeyer
        57. Active booster convector (heating/cooling)

        I’m heating my home with a heatpump. To keep the efficiency of the heatpump as high as possible I try to keep the water temperature as low as possible. A downside of low water temperature is that convection is very low, even convectors. To overcome this problem I’ve added a touch of smart home to the convectors, by adding PC fans to boost the heat exchange. These are dependent on the room and water temperature. In total 4 rooms are boosted like this. A plus side is that the system also allows me to take full advantage of the heatpump by cooling the rooms during a hot summer evening.

        Mark Boyle
        58. Digital hot water

        Digitisation of hot water storage with a Shelly 1 and 3 temperature probes then coupled with another Shelly 1 to control the boiler and zone valve to ensure efficient use of the boiler, enough hot water and not too much when solar diversion is in operation.

        Momchil Minkov
        59. Make a Dump Air Freshener Smart With Shelly Device

        The ultimate goal is to modify the air freshener so that the spray time can be modified, which does not work at night and when I would like – set a schedule, individual spraying, and/or a pre-determined pattern, as well as controlling it remotely! So, I was interested in accessing it via Internet and through Alexa.

        Alessandro Polselli
        60. Smart Pellet Stove: a wood pellets heating system made smart

        How to innovate a pellet stove for remote monitoring, control and home automation integration with a Shelly 1 smart relay + ESP32 + sensors

        Slavomir Horvath
        61. Blinds management according current weather data

        This project is about usage of Personal Weather Station current data for intelligent blinds management:
        – Secure blinds (open) in case Wind Gust value exceeds a safety limit
        – Smart blinds management according Solar Radiation value

        Momchil Minkov
        62. Replace a Single Switch With a Double Without a Second Cable

        The goal is to control two electric devices separately from double switch, when they have one cable and only live wire behind the switch.

        Wim Bolkensteyn
        63. Automatisation of a horizontal door

        Very old house under renovation. There is a staircase with an horizontal door. That door was very difficult to use. You may open it and then it drops on your head. Now it opens by a press on a button! The WAF must be very high, my girlfriend plays with it. I’m very sorry but the description of the project I wrote in French.

        Peter Marinsek
        64. [simple yet incredible] Shelly controls a gas fired boiler

        Having an old gas fired boiler makes any proper automation of the heating system difficult. With the Shelly plus 1 I automated the demand for power, connecting it not only to my homematic radiator heads but also to xiaomi thermometers, tying it neatly together in HA OS.

        Tom Winkler
        65. Space room

        Puttings Kids to outer SPace galaxy making use of shellies and more to get a nice experience.

        Sebastian Fetter
        66. Shelly GU10 Concrete Lamp

        I Made a 3D Model to create a Concrete Block that was specifically designed for my Shelly GU10 RGB bulb.

        Arthur Van CLeven
        67. Shelly Components Demonstration Panel

        The new technology is evolving rapidly. But many people are still too hesitant to install a Smart Home. With this project, these people can become acquainted with the new technology. Thanks to the shelly components demonstration panel, customers can test the products in an interactive way.

        Fatih Cesko
        68. Cesko’s smart house

        In the project I describe what I did till now with shelly products. In this project you can see how I combine the switches, sensors, scenes and buttons to works together. The idea here is to make our home as smart as we need for daily basis

        Oliver Andrae
        69. Smart letter and parcel box

        Smartification of a combined letter and parcel box with Shelly i3 , including Telegram notification.

        Ward Bonte
        70. Optimizing solar self-consumption using Shelly 2.5

        A number of battery charging applications in a small company required a smart solution to make better use of the solar energy from the PV installation. 2 forklifts and 2 charging stations for mobile stage lighting. We tried to keep the existing situation as much as possible. When they plug in a load, they used to push the button that activated a timer for a certain number of hours. Now, we added a second button which makes a ‘delayed start’ possible (if they decide they have the time to wait until there is solar energy injection into the grid). The 2.5 reports the input to an energy management tool running in the cloud. This tool then activates the appropriate output when there is e.g. energy surplus. Also info from Shelly EM, 3EM, PV inverter and DSMR smart meter is used. Outputs of the Shelly devices control the heat pump and managed loads like the battery charging.

        Colin Bacon
        71. BaController_12v_SolarPower

        I have a solar panel on my barn which I use to power my gardens and greenhouse with a 12v power supply. I use the shelly’s to scheduled lighting and control and direct the watering system to various parts of the garden and greenhouse. I’ve used both the 240v Shelly 1PM to controls my river pump and 12v configuration on the Shelly1 to control 12v water valves, to direct the pumped water either to the front or back of the house and then using another bank of shelly’s to control the water going to the herbs garden, window-boxes, greenhouse and lawn. It also switches on a 12v heater in the greenhouse once the temperature reaches < 5 degrees Celsius. Another bank of 12v shelly1’s controls the garden lighting and the 12v supply to the WIFI Fritzbox in the garden.
        I have created a 3D printed enclosure to housing 3-4 shelly 1 units in compact one control box. The shelly’s are connected to a single sided PCB to simplify the wiring. Each shelly 1 has an associated toggle switch and LED so I can always override the shelly schedule when I’m out in the garden and also see which ones are active or not.
        This solution automates my gardening chores tremendously and gives me piece of mind when I’m mostly travelling, as I can now monitor or remotely control whatever is going on in the garden due to the the cloud access and MQTT data features which are feeding data to my dashboard.
        Absolutely brilliant 

        Oliver Andrae
        72. Smart washing machine (vendor independent)

        Smartification of a “stupid” washing machine, works for every vendor and also for dryers

        Peter Nunez
        73. Smart heater

        After failure of a thermostat, it was time to put my Shelly 1PM in action and turn the old Water Heater in a smart device.
        Not only the heater became smarter, but also the implementation of this project is decreasing my environmental impact (more energy efficient), at the same time it is leaving my wallet with some extra money at the end of the month (to buy more Shelly devices).
        Energy Efficiency:
        Smarter device that only turns on the device when it is necessary, optimizing power consumption. The lower the power consumption, the lower the impact in the environment.
        The lower the power consumption, the lower the bill at the end of the month.

        Rok Bajec
        74. Shelly REST API Swagger files

        It parses documentation and generates swagger files which can be used for strongly typed generated clients.

        Nicolò Invernizzi
        75. Roller Shutter automation

        Every morning, i say “Ok google, good morning”. It turn on my bedroom light (Shelly 1) and my desk LEDs (Shelly RGBW), turn on my PC and opens the shutter (Shelly 2.5). Another automation is “Ok google, good night”, It turn off my bedroom light, set LEDs to 2% and close the shutter.

        Thore Schaier
        76. My home is automated by Shelly

        Refurbished apartment in northern Italy, completely automated with shelly devices. It rocks!

        77. Smart doorbell

        A smart doorbell that allows me to open my house’s main door with a tap of a button in the Shelly app.
        This is very useful, for example, if I forget my keys when I’m out, or for when I have some grocery bags and I don’t want to pull out my keys.
        For more details, please refer to the project detailed description on the document!

        Gerardo Ortiz
        78. Multi tool

        In this project I have used 2 Shelly uni, and 1 Shelly flood inside an enclosure. I have also used a Shelly gas add-on mechanism. I have added to my enclosure a very accurate differential pressure sensor. I have hooked up 1 water rope sensor, a temperature probe, a soil moisture sensor, and finally a protimeter tip. To demonstrate how accurate is the differential pressure I have incorporated to my multisensor, I have hooked up side by side my Testo 510i. As you will see in the attached video, with the Shelly uni you can be very creative joining this wonderful device with some other well designed sensors. This multi tool allows me to ping point, and monitor water leaks in general at a distance, all together with my other tools. Not to mention, the great possibilities you have to monitor the performance of AC units, such as monitoring air flow velocity, clogged filters, blower malfunctioning, temperature, humidity, ac drain line stoppages, etc. Without any doubt the Shelly uni is for me a superb device, and my favorite one

        Jonathan Potgieter
        79. Creekside

        Smart Home Project: Creekside
        Application type: 4-bedroom home
        Areas & devices to be controlled: dimmable lighting (RGBW strips. LED downlights, incandescent), sockets, fans, borehole pump, irrigation pump, pool pump, geyser heat pump, pool heat pump, garage doors, air-conditioning)