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        Allterco Partners with Jorvo to Deliver Industry’s First End-to-End Smart Home System for New Construction

        Seamless integration ensures simple user experience and complete back-end infrastructure to support delivery of smart home technology to pre and post-sale homes

        Allterco Robotics US and its flagship line of Shelly smart home products, today announced a new partnership with Jorvo, a leading installer of smart home products. By integrating the high-quality suite of Shelly smart relays, plugs, and sensors into pre and post-sale homes, Jorvo will offer builders, developers, and home buyers a complete smart home system – from speakers to thermostats – with the back-end automation and control needed to ensure a seamless customer experience. In doing so, Shelly and Jorvo will deliver the industry’s first completely integrated smart home system, offering home owners the unique opportunity to move in with smart devices already installed, configured and ready for use. To learn more about Shelly products, visit HERE.

        As a result of this new partnership, Jorvo will integrate Shelly products into pre-configured installation packages that offer home builders an end-to-end smart home system with WiFi, smart speakers, video cameras, door locks, thermostats and more. This complete set up will arm electrical contractors with all the tools needed for installation, saving significant time and money. By providing the automation and control on the back-end to ensure all products work as expected, Shelly innovations are helping to simplify the experience for the home owner and deliver value from day one. Through this new partnership, home owners will also benefit from ongoing training, system customization and remote support to provide total product protection and lifetime care.

        After testing nearly every smart home product on the market today, the team at Jorvo quickly realized Shelly products offered the most cost effective, easy to use yet powerful smart home system available. With a proven product track record in Europe, UL certifications, the unique ability to easily install custom firmware, and a multi-functional product line with the versatility to meet the company’s growing needs, Jorvo knew Allterco Robotics was uniquely positioned to help deliver the first end-to-end smart home system. With the integrated system already in place, this new partnership will ensure home owners avoid the complexity and steep learning curve often associated with implementing piecemeal smart home products and realize the distinct value smart home automation offers in ensuring a safe, cost-effective and comfortable lifestyle as soon as they open the front door.

        “With a shared mission to ensure a positive customer experience, Jorvo will be instrumental in our efforts to seamlessly power smart homes across the US,” said Svetlin Todorov, CEO of Allterco Robotics US. “Jorvo’s depth of experience and impressive roster of relationships with top builders combined with the versatility and power features of our products, make this partnership an exciting prospect for those who are eager for a unique smart home experience.”

        “We are thrilled to partner with Allterco Robotics to simplify the automation of smart homes – the biggest barrier to adoption today,” said Aaron Wernli, Managing Partner, Jorvo. “Together, we will effectively help bridge this gap and provide an easy to use yet powerful system to showcase the value of smart home automation, one home at a time.”

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