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        Shelly Brings Powerful, Proven Smart Home Products to US Market

        Suite of smart relays, plugs, and sensors offer unique combination of high-quality innovation without high cost

        Allterco Robotics US and its flagship line of of Shelly smart home products, has set up formal operations in the United States to bring their suite of powerful, proven smart relay, plugs, and sensors to the broader North American market. Known for delivering products that are high-quality innovations yet small and low cost, Shelly solutions are fully compatible with every major smart home platform and built on open source software. As a complement to the UL listed Shelly 1 Relay, today’s introduction of the Shelly Smart Plug US underscores the company’s commitment to providing the most intelligent smart home products for homeowners across the globe. For more information or to shop the entire line of Shelly products visit https://shelly.cloud/.

        More time at home leads to demand for smart home tech
        As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc around the globe, people are spending more time in their homes than ever before. Homeowners are actively seeking out ways to make their homes more comfortable, energy efficient, and cost-effective – especially as more time at home means more utilities (energy, water, gas) are consumed. According to a recent report from Porch, 45% of US homeowners surveyed have made tech improvements to their home during the pandemic. With the introduction of Shelly’s full line of products to the US market, consumers and distributors now have access to a wide-range of proven smart relays, plugs, and sensors all designed to meet the compatibility, efficiency, and automation demands of today’s smart homes.

        Unlike other offerings, Shelly’s products feature full local control capabilities allowing use of the relays and sensors even when not connected to the Internet. Products are compatible with every major smart home platform, hub, and voice assistant, including Amazon Echo, Google Home, Home Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Hubitat, and many more. With a reputation for offering products with a unique combination of high quality, small size, and low cost, Shelly gives customers countless ways to make their homes more intelligent. From appliances to security, lighting to sprinklers, Shelly-powered smart homes can deliver the comfort and automation capabilities US consumers are seeking.

        Proven products come to the US market
        Following successful product adoption across Europe, Shelly is committed to offering widely compatible solutions to meet the demand for smart home and IoT technology in North America. Featured products available today include:

        Shelly 1
        A UL listed product, the Shelly 1 is a small, powerful Wi-Fi connected relay that provides smart home automation. Already sold on Amazon with hundreds of positive product reviews, the Shelly 1 covers a wide variety of voltages for multiple uses. Constructed as a relay form factor, the product can be used to add connectivity and control to any circuit in home or industry. Popular features include controls for timing and scheduling which ensure users can add intelligence throughout their home or business – no hub required. Customers use the Shelly 1 for everything from security to appliances.

        Shelly Smart Plug for the US
        A Wi-Fi smart plug with power metering, the Shelly Smart Plug US automatically monitors and controls lightning, heating or any other connected electrical appliance at home. When an electric appliance, such as a lamp, is plugged into the Shelly Plug US, users can switch it on and off through the Shelly Cloud mobile application at any time, from anywhere. The device also includes the same timer, schedule, and control features of popular Shelly relay products such as the Shelly 1.

        Shelly Cloud App
        With Shelly Cloud, customers can control their home from anywhere in the world and personalize it to their unique needs. Featuring a user-friendly interface, the free app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux and can send notifications for all automated events. Each Shelly device can be integrated and work with all other Shelly devices allowing consumers to easily create their custom smart home.
        “Our main goal is to design and construct innovative smart home and IoT-based products that make life easier and more comfortable. From concept to execution and design to hardware, all of the Shelly products combine practical applications with the reliability, autonomy, mobility, data security, wireless control, and modern design that customers demand,“ noted Svetlin Todorov, CEO of Allterco Robotics US. “We are excited to bring our award-winning product line to the US market and will be rolling out more innovative products in the months to come.“

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