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        Shelly x 
        Google Home
        Smart Assistant
        Shelly x 
        Google Home
        Smart Assistant

        Shelly x google home

        Make your home even smarter!

        Make your life more accessible through the convenient intelligent voice interaction of Google Assistant. You can control electrical and lighting products, home appliances, sensors, gateways, and much more.

        Woke up happy girl with bedroom blinds opened up for brightness

        Single device control

        Control any individual Shelly device in your home with simple commands. 
         “Ok Google, open bedroom blinds to 25%”
        Cozy living room with warm lights controled by voice

        Room control 

        Control a group of devices in a room by using your voice. 
        “Ok Google, turn off Hall lights” 
        Woman in a bedroom with night movie  mood

        Scene control

        Use a simple command to change the whole mood in the room!
         “Ok Google, turn on the Movie routine!”
        Shelly x Google Home 
        Voice Activation of various actions

        Set Google Home to turn on any light with a simple command "Ok Google, turn on the Kitchen light". That way you will not have to stumble in the dark when your hands are busy carrying groceries to the fridge.

        Shelly x Google Home 
        Percentage-precise adjustment

        Let Google Home begin your morning routine by waking you up with natural light without irritating your eyes. Set Google Home to open the blinds at a precise percentage with a simple: “Ok Google, set bedroom blinds to 25%.” Allow yourself several lazy minutes while enjoying the sun.

        Shelly x Google Home 
        Set the perfect brightness

        Reading lamp is not bright enough? Set the precise percentage of the light that will suit you perfectly with a simple voice command - “Hey Google, set the desk lamp to 75% brightness”. You can also use commands to set the best color temperature for the occasion - “Hey Google, set desk lamp to warm lights”.

        Cozy bedroom with warm lamp controlled by Google Home
        Shelly x Google Home 
        Check the temperature of your home

        No need to check the sensor measurements on your phone to keep track of the temperature in your home. Simply ask Google! “Ok Google, what is the Kids room H&T sensor temperature?” And then quickly adjust the heat levels with a quick command “Ok Google, set Shelly TRV to 27 degrees.”

        Control temperature from couch in living room with Google home
        Stay aware of the temperature in your home!
        Shelly Plus H&T
        €36.18 Inc. VAT
        Cozy home with no heating gone to waste! 
        Shelly TRV
        €79.74 Inc. VAT

        How to get started with Shelly x Google Home?

        • Step 1: Download the Shelly Smart Control application from your app store and add your Shelly devices following the inclusion steps in the user manual.
        • Step 2: Open Google Home application. Go to “Settings” and then select "Works with Google". In the “Search” field type: "Shelly Smart Home" and click on it. Google will open the "my.shelly.cloud" - login page.
        • Step 3: Once you log in to your account, the verification linking process will start.
        • Step 4: When the linking process is done, all available devices will be displayed on the screen. Press “Done”
        • Step 5: All your Google Home-enabled devices will be ready to control your Shelly devices.


        You may need to rename your devices in the Shelly app for Google Home to recognize them more easily. To obtain better control performance, please specify a clear one-word name for each device in the Shelly Cloud application like “Light”, “Blinds”, “Iron” and so on.

        Start your smart home with 
        Shelly x Google Home!
        Shelly Plug
        Smart plug with Wi-Fi. Control and monitor lighting, heating or any other connected electrical appliance at home with a power rating up to 3500W (16A).
        Shelly Plug
        Smart plug with Wi-Fi. Control and monitor lighting, heating or any other connected electrical appliance at home with a power rating up to 3500W (16A).
        €38.60(Inc. VAT)