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        Shelly Smart Security Bundle
        €112.10Inc. VAT

        (based on shipping country: Malta)


        Shelly Smart Security Bundle is a set of Bluetooth devices that together provide the perfect solution to safeguard your living space. You can monitor motion and set up custom alarm zones, detect opening or closing of doors and windows, and receive immediate notifications no matter where you are. All Bluetooth sensors are added automatically to your Shelly Smart Control account upon inclusion of the Shelly BLU Gateway.

        No hub required!

        • Pack includes Bluetooth devices: 3xShelly BLU Door/Window, 3xShelly BLU Motion, 1xShelly BLU Gateway
        • No hub required! Easy control through the Shelly Smart Control app, most platforms and protocols, and voice assistants. Supports BTHome protocol
        • Long battery life of sensors - up to 5 years
        • Can be integrated into automation scenarios and scenes with other device
        • Includes Wi-Fi range extender (Shelly BLU Gateway)
        Shelly Smart Security Bundle
        why shelly smart security bundle?
        Stay Connected, Stay Protected

        Discover the Shelly Smart Security Bundle, your key to smarter home security and automation! This collection of Bluetooth devices adds an extra layer of protection to your home. With long-lasting battery life and advanced Bluetooth technology, it offers continuous monitoring, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are.

        Endless use cases

        use case
        Peace of Mind, One Sensor at a Time

        Your home's security just got a stylish upgrade! With this Smart Security Bundle, Shelly BLU Door/Window stands guard over all your entry points, instantly notifying you of any unauthorized access. Inside, Shelly BLU Motion detects any movement, sending you alerts, and can be adjusted to distinguish potential threats from harmless pet movements. But that's not all - your home can take action too. Pair it with your existing Shelly devices to create custom security scenarios. When an alert is triggered, your home can respond dynamically—closing blinds, illuminating lights, and sounding alarms.

        use case
        Create the Ideal Lighting Scenario

        Set Shelly BLU Door/Window to turn on the lights as soon as you enter the room - no need to fumble for the switch. Once inside, Shelly BLU Motion takes over, ensuring that the room will be bright until you leave. If you have Shelly Dimmer2 connected to your lights, this dynamic duo also adjusts their brightness according to natural light levels. And as you exit the room, there's no need to worry about leaving lights on – they'll soon switch off, making your home not only smarter but also more energy-efficient.

        Alternatives (other products)
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        Sensors Stand Alone: No Shelly Relay Required

        Shelly BLU Gateway enables you to use the BLU sensors in the bundle as standalone solutions. By translating Bluetooth signals into cloud-based or local commands, Shelly BLU Gateway eliminates the need for any other Shelly devices to receive your sensors’ signals and provides easy inclusion in your network. Whether you're at home or away, you have the freedom to manage them remotely. Receive alerts and adapt settings using your smartphone or your preferred home automation platform.

        Explore What's Inside:

        Shelly BLU Door/Window
        €19.94 Inc. VAT
        Shelly BLU Motion
        €23.48 Inc. VAT
        Shelly BLU Gateway
        €17.58 Inc. VAT