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        Smart Hotel
        Automation solutions for increased 
        efficiency and cost optimization
        Reception of a luxury hotel with smart lights


         Lowering costs and increasing ROI 
        of the hotel building

        The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, investing in new and contemporary ways to meet modern demands and offer a unique experience to guests. The personalized approach to each guest's needs and preferences is key to success. 

        Tailor-made automation solutions will not only provide guests with comfort and peace of mind but will also benefit the business by lowering costs and increasing ROI.


        Customizable hotel room

        One of the most important things in every hotel is for guests to feel as comfortable as they would in their own homes. Shelly automation solutions allow customization of the rooms to fit the needs of each guest.

        blinds automation
        Utilize the natural light

        Shelly hotel automation solutions can utilize natural light by automating the motorized blinds and curtains in each room, offering a highly customizable approach. Guests can set the exact hour in the morning they would like their blinds to open and bring some natural light for a fresh beginning of the day.

        lights automation
        Comfortable night lights

        Middle-of-the-night bathroom visits can be very irritating, especially when you are very sleepy. Instead of having the bright lights in the bathroom disturb the night sleep of the guests, take advantage of the smart scheduling features and set Shelly to dim the lights during the night hours. That way, their eyes will not get irritated and guests can easily go back to sleep.

        Privacy control

        Motorized blinds and curtains will not only encourage the use of more natural light but will also allow guests control of their privacy by controlling motorized blinds or curtains individually. They can open or close the blinds or set the angle of the blinds according to their own needs and preferences

        Privacy control Shelly Pro 2PM
        humidity control
        Peace of mind

        Offer guests peace of mind and comfort by automating annoying tasks such as turning on the bathroom fan after the shower. Set the bathroom fan to automatically turn on once the Shelly Plus H&T detects increased humidity levels in the bathroom. That way, you will prevent the floors from staying damp longer than needed and will decrease the chance of mold growth.

        Control of the bathroom humidity in every room
        Shelly Plus H&T
        Trigger-based automation of the bathroom fan
        Shelly Pro 1


        Customizable hotel building

        One of the most important things in every hotel is for guests to feel as comfortable as they would in their own homes. Shelly automation solutions allow customization of the rooms to fit the needs of each guest.

        heating & cooling
        Common area temperature control

        In guest rooms, reception areas, restaurants, or meeting rooms, keeping the temperature at a comfortable level is a key contributor to the comfort of both guests and employees. However, it is hard to maintain an optimal temperature without any energy going to waste. The cooling/heating systems in the hotels should follow the dynamic changes in the temperatures during the different seasons. Smart schedules combined with advanced temperature & humidity sensors and precise weather data will provide dynamic control of the heating system for an optimal indoor climate.

        Modern steel elevator lift lobby in business hotel with luxury design near corridor

        lights automation

        Dynamic lights control

        Energy-efficient lighting can reduce electricity use by up to 50% thanks to smart schedules, timers, and sensors. Shelly hotel automation solutions allow you to automate the lights in each room and on each floor separately and set custom schedules for each of them. In addition, Shelly Motion2 will ensure the most efficient use of the lights in the common spaces. The motion sensor will switch on the lights when someone enters and will switch them off once the premises are empty.

        Motion-based light automation of common areas
        Shelly Motion 2
        Lights automation and control from the breaker box
        Shelly Pro 4PM
        Irrigation system control

        There is nothing that guests find more relaxing than a beautiful garden. However, the maintenance of a green and fresh yard might be a significant investment. Shelly smart solutions for hotels allow you to optimize the gardening costs by automating the irrigation system. You can set custom weekly or daily watering schedules, and the scripting functionalities will allow you to set your irrigation system to follow the weather conditions and water the garden area only when it is sunny, skipping the rainy days.

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