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        Tech reviews

        Dive into Shelly tech reviews

        Shelly is happy to be part of the smart homes of many talented vloggers, bloggers, and home automation enthusiasts! But we are even more grateful to be part of the informative and useful content on their social media channels! We consider them part of our #ShellyTeam and truly appreciate their valuable feedback and opinion! 

        Shelly is constantly looking for inspiration! 

        If you are looking for an opportunity to review Shelly devices, feel free to write to us with more details about what you have in mind. Our team will review your request!

        Send us more information about you and your online space at:
        [email protected]

        Adding Shelly Humidity and Temperature sensor to Home Assistant 

        A review by BeardedThiker

        5 New Ideas for Using Shelly Devices 

        A review by The HookUp

        Why Everyone Is Switching Their Smart Home To Shelly For Alexa 

        A review by Paul Hibbert

        How to Install Shelly on Home Assistant * SMARTER Home

        A review by Roberto Jorge

        10 Ways to use a Shelly 1/PM

        A review by Jimmy James

        Smart Dimmer by Shelly + Excellent Home Assistant Integration

        A review by Dr.Zzs

        Shelly Plug S - WiFi Smart Plug with a ton of features

        A review by haus-automatisierung.com

        Beginners Guide to Shelly Relays - Choose The Right Relay For The Job

        A review by The HookUp

        Shelly 1 - Installation in the existing house electrics / room installation

        A review by CREATIONX

        Is the Shelly 1 better than the Sonoff Basic?

        A review by The HookUp

        These Smart Light Switches Are Modular!? 

        A review by Everything Smart Home

        SuperHouse 45: First look at the new Shelly Pro 4PM

        A review by SuperHouseTV

        Shelly Plus 1 ESP32 Smart Relay | TASMOTA and Home Assistant

        A review by digiblurDIY

        Solar Power Measurement with 13€ - Shelly 1PM WOW !!!

        A review by Roberto Jorge

        Shelly Plug S - WiFi Smart Plug with a ton of features

        A review by digiblurDIY

        Shelly Plus was made for DIY automation 

        A review by NotEnoughTECH