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        5 Smart Reasons to Use Shelly Plus Plug US in Your Office
        May 08, 2023

        In the era of smart devices and automation, Shelly Plus Plug US stands out as an innovative and powerful tool for any corporate office environment. With a range of communication protocols, built-in JavaScript editor, and robust security features, it offers much more than just energy management. In this article, we will delve into the top 5 reasons why Shelly Plus Plug US is the ideal solution for your corporate office building.

        Versatile Communication Protocols

        Shelly Plus Plug US offers four different RPC based APIs: REST, WebSocket, MQTT, and UDP. This versatility in communication protocols allows your office to connect to various smart devices and IoT ecosystems seamlessly. Each protocol offers unique advantages:

        • REST: A widely-used standard for creating, reading, updating, and deleting resources, REST provides simple and easily accessible APIs for your office environment.
        • WebSocket: Offering real-time, full-duplex communication, WebSocket ensures fast and efficient data exchange between clients and servers, ideal for real-time applications.
        • MQTT: A lightweight messaging protocol, MQTT is perfect for situations with low bandwidth or unreliable connections, making it ideal for IoT devices.
        • UDP: As a connectionless protocol, UDP is faster and requires less overhead, perfect for simple or time-sensitive applications.

        Customizable with Built-in JavaScript Editor

        Shelly Plus Plug US boasts a built-in JavaScript editor, enabling you to write custom functions tailored to your office's unique requirements. This feature allows you to create specific automation rules, trigger events, and integrate with other systems, empowering you to design an office environment that works best for your team. With this level of customization, you can optimize energy consumption, automate routine tasks, and even enhance security.

        Robust Security Features

        In today's digital landscape, security is paramount for any business. Shelly Plus Plug US offers TLS 1.2 and encrypted flash storage for safe connections, ensuring that your office's sensitive data remains secure. TLS 1.2 provides strong cryptographic algorithms to safeguard your data, while also offering protection against various cyber threats, such as man-in-the-middle attacks. With Shelly Plus Plug US, you can trust that your office's devices are secure and protected.

        Comprehensive Energy Management and Protection

        Shelly Plus Plug US works with 120v circuits up to 15 amps and offers a range of energy management and protection features, making it an excellent choice for your corporate office. 

        These features include:

        • Power Measurement Data: Monitor your office's energy consumption in real-time and identify opportunities for energy-saving.
        • Over Wattage Protection: Prevent devices from consuming more power than their rated capacity, reducing the risk of damage or fire.
        • Over Current Protection: Safeguard your devices from electrical currents exceeding their maximum limits, preventing short circuits and other issues.
        • Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection: Ensure your office equipment operates within its optimal voltage range, protecting against power surges and brownouts.

        Cost-Effective Solution

        Incorporating Shelly Plus Plug US into your corporate office can result in significant cost savings. By monitoring and optimizing your office's energy consumption, you can reduce your overall energy expenses. Additionally, the device's protective features minimize the risk of equipment damage, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

        Here are three use cases for Shelly Plus Plug US that you should integrate into your IT toolbox today:

        Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: Shelly Plus Plug US can be used to monitor the energy consumption of various office devices, such as computers, printers, and lighting systems and control them using locally stored timers and schedules. By gathering real-time data on energy usage, office managers can identify patterns and opportunities to save energy. For example, the Shelly Plus Plug US's locally stored schedules can run a "last one out" automation strategy - turn off non-essential devices during off-peak hours or weekends, significantly reducing energy waste and lowering utility bills.

        Office Power Monitoring: Use two Shelly Plus Plug US units to pinpoint power outages in your office. One unit is connected to the same UPS as your broadband router and Wi-Fi equipment and regularly checks the status of a second unit, sending notifications when the second unit is not reachable. Since the first plug is connected to Wi-Fi and working, the power outage is obvious, and just as simple to notify if power is restored.

        Device and Appliance Protection: Shelly Plus Plug US can be used to safeguard office equipment such as computers, printers, and other appliances from potential electrical issues. Its over wattage, over current, over voltage, and under voltage protection features ensure that your devices operate within their optimal voltage range, preventing damage due to power surges, short circuits, and brownouts. This reduces the risk of equipment malfunction, prolonging the lifespan of your office devices, and minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

        Remote Power Cycling: Did I say 3 reasons? The bonus 4th use case - Shelly Plus Plug US is used by some of North America's largest retail and QSR corporations to remotely power cycle network equipment, kiosks, point of sale, and other mission critical devices in their stores. If you can detect specific issues via scripting or issue commands from a remote dashboard, why roll a truck?

        Shelly Plus Plug US requires no special hardware installation skills, while providing significant and advanced features to protect and manage your infrastructure. This plug is a powerful problem solver whether you're a busy CIO in need of a solution for 6,000 locations or an IT manager who hates driving an hour to the office because nobody can figure out which plug is the cable modem.

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