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        Home Automation 101: What You Need to Get Started to Turn Your House into a Smart Home
        June 05, 2023

        In the year 2023, it’s more common than not to see home automation technology. And while smart homes may not be as advanced as The Jetsons predicted back in the 1960s, the power of home technology has significantly progressed to make the lives of homeowners infinitely easier and safer.

        If you’re new to home automation and ready to turn your cozy house into a robust smart home, you’ll want to keep reading. Today, we’re featuring our favorite smart home technology devices to help you deliver convenience and total home protection. 

        Must-Have Home Technology #1: Shelly Plus 1 UL 

        The Shelly Plus 1 UL is a powerhouse of a device wrapped up in a tiny package – so tiny that it fits behind any light socket or switch! This simple-to-install smart relay controls a wide range of appliances and home equipment for the highest level of convenience and peace of mind. 

        The Shelly Plus 1 UL is Wi-Fi operated and Bluetooth compatible, so you can operate your home automation without worrying about being present. 

        Here’s what it can do! Click here for full product details and to purchase

        Automate your lighting 

        Set your lighting to come on and off when you need it with this little relay! You can either set a designated daily schedule or control your lighting with the click of a button from your smartphone. 

        But automating your lighting isn’t JUST about convenience. It can also help conserve your energy, saving you money on your bills! 

        Automate your irrigation system 

        Despite what many think, you CAN have a beautiful garden and a full-time job (even when it feels like watering is a 24/7 job!) Watch your vegetables and roses thrive when you put your irrigation system on a daily timer. Is rain in the forecast? The scripting functionalities of Shelly Plus 1UL can stop watering on the days your yard doesn’t need it! 

        Automate your garage door 

        Never worry if you, or the kids, close your garage door behind you again! The Bluetooth capabilities of Shelly Plus 1 UL allow you to control the garage door from your phone so you know that your home is secure. 

        Must-Have Home Technology #2: Shelly BLU Button 

        The Shelly BLU Button is just one click to a smarter home, right at your fingertips. The button doesn’t require any apps, voice activation, or mobile devices – simply the power of Bluetooth. 

        Use the button to: 

        Turn the lights on and off

        Close the blinds as you’re winding down for the night

        Lock your front door to ensure home security 

        This compact device can be paired to control any of your home’s smart devices that are supported by BTHome protocol with a range of 10m indoors and 30m outdoors. 

        The button can be preset up to perform up to four different options. 

        The button is designed to fit in your pocket for easy access. Afraid of misplacing a device so small? Its “Find Me” function ensures that you know where it is at all times. 

        Learn more about the BLU Button here! 

        Must-Have Home Technology #3: Shelly Motion2

        Button up your home security with the Shelly Motion2. This next-generation Wi-Fi motion sensor with temperature detection provides endless and reliable home security. The device can be accessed via the Shelly mobile app so you can stay up-to-date on your home when you’re away. 

        Adjust the sensitivity level to match the distance you need to be monitored. It can catch motion up to 9 meters away and cover up to 120-degree angles. Shelly Motion2 detects movement in the blink of an eye (200 milliseconds) and immediately notifies you via mobile app. It can also be preset to trigger an action, such as turning on your lights. 

        Its sleek and contemporary design complements any home interior and is small-space friendly. Shelly Motion2 can be wall-mounted or stand independently. 

        The rechargeable battery has a life of one year with regular home usage. 

        Get all of the product details here! 

        Must-Have Home Technology #4: Shelly Flood

        Protect your home from water damage by taking preventative measures with the Shelly Flood. This smart flood sensor is designed with Wi-Fi to detect leaks and temperature detections in the home – no wiring is required. 

        Shelly Flood notifies you when the slightest moisture is detected so you have time to prevent full-blown water damage. If you plan a trip, you can sync Shelly Flood and Shelly Plus 1 to work as a dynamic duo. When your Shelly Flood detects a leak, it will trigger the Shelly Plus 1 to turn the water supply off.

        Small in size, Shelly Flood can fit in difficult-to-reach spaces for ultimate flood protection. Protect those unpredictable floods that could happen with tight-fit pipes, fridges, freezers, washing machines, and more.

        Protect your home from water damage here

        Bottom Line

        Home automation can initially feel overwhelming, but taking the first steps to protect your home will pay off! Shelly’s wide variety of home automation technology can work as your home’s first defense, so you don’t have to. 

        Do you want to turn your home into a smart house but still aren’t sure where to start? Send us a message at [email protected], and let’s discuss your options. 

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