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        How To Make Your Home Happier With Smart Devices
        November 02, 2023

        In a time where technology has become a part of our daily lives, smart home devices have redefined the way we interact with our homes. Smart homes are no longer exclusive, but have become an avenue to a happier, more comfortable home. Investing in smart home technology shouldn’t be looked at as a luxury anymore but instead a must.

        Understanding the Science of Happiness

        Before delving into the impact of smart devices on happiness, let's consider the science behind it. Studies show that happiness is closely tied to our environment, and our homes play a significant role in shaping our emotional well-being. Meaning that having a comfortable, secure, and efficient home can have a profound impact on our overall happiness.

        How Smart Devices Create Happiness

        Comfort and Convenience

        Smart devices are designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of your living space. Shelly Plus 1, for instance, allows you to control and automate your electrical appliances and smart home devices through your smartphone. You can set your home's lighting, heating, and more to match your daily routines and preferences. 

        The Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer, on the other hand, provides precise control over your home's lighting, letting you set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. These devices adapt to your preferences, ensuring you can create an environment that's perfectly suited to you. Hate bright overhead lights? You have the power to change the brightness at your fingerprints. Tired of yelling at your kids to turn off the lights? Schedule your lights to automatically turn off during sunrise and turn on during sunset.

        Energy Efficiency and Savings

        Smart devices are not just about convenience but also efficiency. Shelly Plus Plug US allows you to monitor and control your energy consumption, leading to cost savings on your monthly energy bill and a more eco-friendly home. The perks of energy efficiency and savings is:

        Lower Utility Bills: By optimizing the energy use of your devices, you'll notice a reduction in your utility bills. That extra money in your pocket brings financial relief and contributes to your overall happiness.

        Eco-Friendly Living: Knowing that you're reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable environment can lead to a higher level of happiness. By using less energy, you're actively participating in the global effort to combat climate change.

        Peace of Mind: Smart devices enable you to remotely monitor and control your home's energy consumption. This level of control offers peace of mind, as you know that your home is operating efficiently even when you're not there.

        Investment in the Future: Smart home devices are a long-term investment in your home and your family's well-being. You’ll feel satisfaction knowing that you are making efforts and plans towards your family’s future wellbeing. 

        Security and Peace of Mind

        Security is a vital component of happiness in your home. Shelly's smart security devices, including Shelly Flood and Shelly Gas, offer an added layer of protection. 

        With Shelly Flood, you can detect water leaks, alerting you to potential flooding and water damage, and stopping the flooding before it costs you thousands of dollars in damages. Protecting your home against water-related disasters is immeasurable as it ensures that your family and possessions remain safe.

        Shelly Gas is a highly sensitive Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) detector that can alert you to natural gas leaks in your home. Since natural gas leaks can be odorless and hard to detect, having a device like this is a crucial safety measure for your family's well-being.

        Automation and Personalization

        Smart homes are all about automation and simplification. Devices like Shelly Plus 1PM can automate the turning on and off of appliances, eliminating the hassle and stress of managing them manually. The time you save can be spent on more meaningful and enjoyable activities.

        Smart devices are also incredibly personal. They allow you to tailor your environment to meet your preferences. Whether it's choosing the perfect lighting ambiance for a family dinner or having your coffee ready when you wake up, smart devices adapt to your needs, bringing happiness through control and personalization.

        Making A Happier Home

        By investing in smart home products, you're investing in your happiness. Their ability to create an environment that's comfortable, efficient, secure, and personalized directly impacts your family's well-being. So, whether you're looking to create a cozier living space, save on energy costs, or enhance security, smart home devices, like Shelly products, are your ticket to a happier home.

        Head to our website to learn more about creating a smart home. 

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