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        Our Top 11 Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Home Technology
        April 17, 2023

        With smart home technology on the rise, we receive frequently asked questions from consumers about implementing our sensors and products into their homes. From adding new devices to sharing with family to running your devices while offline, we’ve heard it all! 

        On the blog today, we’ve compiled the Top 11 Frequently Asked Questions to help guide you toward implementing the smart home technology of your dreams! 

        1. How do I integrate my Shelly devices with my smart home devices from another brand? 

        • Shelly devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings. 
          • To set up your Alexa: Open your Alexa app and go to the skills tab. Then in the search field, type “Shelly Cloud,” click on it, and press “Enable Skill”. When the Shelly Cloud Skill is enabled, you will be redirected automatically to https://home.shelly.cloud/, where you have to log in to your account. After you log in, use the voice assistant: “Alexa, search for new devices.” Your Amazon Alexa-enabled device will scan for the new Shelly devices.
          • To set up your Google Home: You must enable the Shelly Cloud Skill. After doing that, you will be redirected automatically to а “Log in” form. Type the credentials of your Shelly Cloud account. After that, your devices would appear.

        2. Do I need an internet connection and cloud connection to use integrations with Alexa/Google Home/SmartThings? 

        • Yes! You need both an internet connection and a cloud connection to use these integrations. 

        3. I’m so excited that the Shelly Smart Control App allows you to control your Shelly devices from your mobile device. Do you need access to the cloud to use the Shelly Smart Control App? 

        • While our answer is technically no, we highly recommend you use the cloud for the best product experience. If you do not have access to the cloud, be sure that your local network is only controlling your devices. 

        4. I’m not huge on mobile devices. Can I control my Shelly products without the Shelly Smart Control App? 

        • Yes! Shelly devices can be controlled by the local embedded web server of the device (access it by typing the IP of the Shelly device in the browser) or through MQTT broker.

        5. Can I control my Shelly devices through a PC? 

        • Yes! To access your Shelly devices through a PC, type https://home.shelly.cloud into your browser. 

        6. My family wants to monitor our Shelly devices as well. Is there a way to share access with them? 

        • We want everyone in your household to be on the same page, allowing you to add up to 5 users per device. Visit the “share” section under each device to set this up. 

        7. I’m looking to implement Shelly relays and sensors to help reduce my energy bill, so I want to ensure that the Shelly devices themselves don’t use high amounts of power. What is their estimated power consumption?

        • That makes so much sense! At Shelly, we help our customers conserve energy, lower their carbon footprint, and reduce their monthly bills. Because of that, we’ve ensured that Shelly devices don’t consume more than 1W when powered on. 

        8. Can I use Shelly devices without the internet? 

        • Yes! If you configure your own SNTP server, you can utilize your Shelly devices without an internet connection.

        9. Can I use Shelly devices outdoors? 

        • At this time, Shelly devices are not compatible with outdoor use. They are not protected from outdoor moisture or dust. 

        10. I’ve noticed that some of the Shelly products are battery-powered. How long do batteries typically last? 

        • The battery lifespan varies from product to product, but we always list the expectancy on the product page here on our website. We calculate the battery life based on the product’s “out of the box” settings, so your results may vary slightly depending on product use. 

        11. How do Shelly’s battery-powered devices work? 

        • Shelly battery-powered devices are at all times in sleep mode. They have a secondary ultra-low-power processor that measures the sensors, battery, and buttons. If any changes to the device indicators occur, this processor will transmit information to the WiFi network. 


        Do you have more questions about our smart home technology? Visit the Knowledge Base section of our website, submit a ticket to our customer support here, or send us an email at [email protected]

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