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        Top Trends In Smart Home Automation Technology
        April 14, 2023

        The original smart home concept began in the mid-1970s, starting with radio-frequency controlled systems that gave homeowners the power to control some aspects with remote control. Smart home automation technology has come a long way since then, beginning in the 2000’s with the release of popular brands such as Google Nest and Apple HomeKit.  

        As technology advances, so does the world of smart home capabilities. What once started as an ahead-of-the-times trend has become the norm for many households across the country. Not only does smart home technology give the luxury of convenience, but it also provides peace of mind and efficiency that basic home systems can’t attain. 

        In the past, the typical smart home was recognized for its WiFi-capable heating or front door cameras. Today, however, the environment of smart home technology is shifting toward automation and trends that make maintaining the many aspects of your home more straightforward than pushing a button. 

        Here are 3 of the biggest trends in smart home automation technology today from experts who have developed various ways to implement them. 

        Energy Saving Technology

        Do your part in protecting the environment, and lighten the load on your wallet simultaneously by adding energy-conserving components to your smart home tech arsenal. By implementing various energy-efficient automations in your home, you can save up to 30% of your household energy consumption.

        Here are a few must-have automations you can add to your smart home using devices such as our Shelly EM that will reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bill, and make powering your home more affordable overall. 

        Monitoring Energy Use

        It’s easy to lose track of your power usage daily. If you are more often shocked than not by your monthly energy bill, installing an energy monitoring system will bring awareness to your consumption. 

        Detailed reports of your daily, weekly, and monthly energy trends allow consumers to stay ahead of the game to avoid higher-than-expected bills. In addition, these accurate readings can be accessed from Android and iOS devices for ultimate convenience.

        Optimize Energy Use

        With the analytics from an energy monitoring system, you can set your power consumption goals, so you don’t surpass them. Relays are designed to turn the circuit off immediately if it reaches a threshold higher than the defined over-power setting. 

        Security-Based Technology

        Remember when having a security system in your home meant you were living in the wealthiest neighborhoods? Well, home security has come a long way since the 1990s and is much more accessible today with a wide variety of price points and devices. As a result, 1 in 4 Americans now have some sort of security measure placed in their home. 

        With innovative technology, homeowners can take solace in knowing that their home is well protected when they’re present or away. 

        Door and Window Security

        Sensors can conveniently and quickly notify your mobile device if a window or door is opened, protecting against burglars. They also are great reminders when you forget to close the door behind you as you leave to run errands. Some sensors, such as the Shelly Door/Window 2, even have automation capabilities to turn lights on as visitors approach your exterior doors so nobody is ever left in the dark regarding your home’s security. 

        Smoke Detection 

        This isn’t your everyday detector! With smart detectors, get notified immediately when danger is detected in the home so you can act quickly to minimize damage and ensure safety.

        Some sensors have such high levels of technology that they can detect smoke and changes in your home’s temperature. In addition, sensors can be integrated with other smart home devices to command them to open doors, activate ventilation systems, and cut power to your electronic devices. 

        Environment Technology 

        With the constant changing of the seasons, it can be challenging to regulate your home’s temperature and humidity while staying comfortable. Implementing technology that does the dirty work means you never have to worry about the thermostat setting or insane energy bill again!

        Heating Technology

        The dad in us wants to check in with our thermostats every time we walk past them, but then we remember that smart devices are there to do that for us. With heating control technology, you can enhance energy efficiency during the coldest months. 

        If you’re planning a winter vacation and want to turn down the heat while you’re away, smart thermostats and valves give you the power to kick it back on from your smart device before you return so you can step into a comfortable home with zero chill.

        Lighting Technology 

        The possibilities are endless with lighting technology in today’s smart home industry. Are you looking for an environment adjustment with the help of your lighting? Do you want to put your lighting on a schedule? 


        If so, there’s a bulb for you! Smart bulbs with WiFi connections can be accessed, and settings can be adjusted using your mobile device. That’s what we call smart! 

        Hue Technology

        Do you want to change the lighting to match your mood? Maybe daylight bulbs are too harsh for a quiet evening spent at home. On the other hand, you may need a brighter atmosphere to complete a project or correctly blend your makeup. WiFi-connected bulbs can change your lighting hue by simply choosing your desired setting.

        Do you want to take the lighting excitement one step further and throw in some color without committing to changing the bulb? Select smart bulbs offer colored lighting features along with adjustable hues, so you don’t need to commit to a color change by dragging out the ladder and changing the bulb. 

        Timing Technology

        Schedule your lighting without using a clunky timer and through bulb apps on your phone. Set your timer to welcome you home with lights on after a long day at the office, or turn down the number of lights on as you wind down for the evening. With busy schedules, bulbs can be customized daily to match your needs as you come and go. 

        The Bottom Line

        As the ever-evolving environment shifts and grows, technology will continue to expand, and new trends will arise. The smart home automations we’ve spoken about in this article will increase home capability with the always-changing trends.

        Do you currently have a smart home trend on your wishlist? Tell us what it is in the comments, or get in touch with us here!

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