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        Revolutionizing Nursing Home Care with Shelly Motion2
        May 22, 2023

        Thanks to significant health challenges combined with the pandemic, my mother spent the last several years of her life in a managed care facility, often quarantined for her own protection. We often talked about the challenges she faced, the good experiences and the bad. While I believe that there are many compassionate people in this industry, we saw how shortages of workers, increased responsibilities, and the larger patient load quickly overburdened many facilities.

        These are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents. Eventually, possibly, you and me. These are real people living their final days under care. In the United States, we have a vast aging population. Whether seniors are living independently, extending the period of time they're able to live on their own, or they're taken care of in the homes of family, or they live in managed care facilities, technology gives us powerful tools to enhance their quality of life.

        Some of the smallest improvements, in lighting or safety, can make a gigantic impact, improving the daily experiences of our loved ones or those in our care. While I work with several products that can help, one of my favorites is Shelly Motion 2.

        In a skilled nursing facility, safety, efficiency, and personalized care are vital. The ability to detect a resident’s movement and customize lighting and temperature individually can serve to bring residents comfort and protect them from disorientation, as well as enable the facility to run more efficiently. The Shelly Motion 2 motion sensor brings these benefits and more to a modern skilled nursing facility.

        Shelly Motion 2

        The Shelly Motion 2 is an advanced, Wi-Fi connected motion sensor which boasts a variety of features that make it an essential addition to nursing homes such as:

        • An advanced infrared sensor with 256 levels of motion sensitivity
        • 80 levels of vibration sensitivity
        • Ambient light detection
        • Temperature detection
        • Scheduling
        • REST compatibility
        • MQTT compatibility
        • 6500 mAh rechargeable battery


        Use of the Shelly Motion 2 supplies such benefits as:

        Increased Safety for Residents

        The primary concern of a nursing facility is the safety and well-being of the residents. The Shelly Motion 2's advanced passive infrared sensor includes 256 levels of sensitivity. This enables the device to detect even the slightest movements, aiding in monitoring the activities of residents. This capability can be invaluable in preventing accidents caused by falling or wandering.

        Example:  If a resident with a history of falling or wandering gets up from their bed during resting hours, the Shelly Motion 2 at once detects this movement and sends webhook commands (commands sent from one application to another over WiFi) to alert the nursing staff. The staff can quickly intervene to supply necessary aid or guidance, preventing potential accidents and injuries.

        Intruder Monitoring

        The Shelly Motion 2 can play a significant role in enhancing the security of a nursing home. Its vibration sensor with 80 levels of sensitivity can detect unusual activities such as a window or door being sabotaged and notify the staff or security personnel. This level of protection offers residents and their family’s peace of mind.

        Energy Efficiency

        As nursing homes strive to manage their resources and reduce operational costs, energy efficiency becomes a crucial aspect. Shelly Motion 2's lux sensor can detect the level of ambient light in a room, enabling the nursing home to automate lighting based on the resident’s needs. By turning off lights when they are not needed or dimming them during daylight hours, a nursing home can significantly reduce its energy consumption and related costs.

        Temperature Control

        The comfort of residents is of paramount importance for the smooth operation of a skilled nursing facility, and keeping an ideal temperature is a key aspect of this. The Shelly Motion 2's temperature sensor can check the ambient temperature and send webhook commands when the temperature exceeds or falls below a user-defined level. This enables the nursing facility to intelligently adjust heating and cooling systems to keep a comfortable environment for the residents, enhancing their well-being and enabling a smoother running facility.

        Personalized Care

        Every resident of a nursing home has unique needs and preferences, making personalized care essential. The Shelly Motion 2's schedule feature enables the nursing home to customize the sensor's operation based on individual requirements.

        Example: A resident who is sensitive to light or prone to disorientation in darkness can have their room's lighting adjusted according to their preference, ensuring comfort and higher quality of life.


        The Shelly Motion 2's REST and MQTT APIs allow rapid, streamlined integration into any building management or patient care system available to your facility. This enables the facility to create a cohesive ecosystem where the Shelly Motion 2 can work in tandem with other systems to optimize care, safety, and comfort for residents.

        Simplified Maintenance

        The Shelly Motion 2 comes with a 6500mAh rechargeable battery, which offers 1 year of operation between charges. This means that the nursing home staff can spend less time on device maintenance and more time on supplying quality care to their residents.

        Game Changer

        The Shelly Motion 2 is a game changing device that significantly enhances the level of care and comfort provided to nursing home residents. Its advanced features such as motion and vibration detection, temperature and lux sensors, and scheduling ensure a safe smooth-running facility. 

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