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        Power Workplace partners up with Allterco
        March 16, 2022

        Power Workplace partners up with Allterco to address higher education market in Hong Kong

        Sofia, Bulgaria – 16 March 2022. Allterco JSCo (ticker A4L / ISIN: BG1100003166) (“Allterco”), a leading provider of IoT and smart home products based in Sofia, Bulgaria, today announced the partnership of their Asian associated company – Allterco Asia Ltd with Power Workplace, a PropTech system integrator, and IoT technology solutions provider based in Hong Kong. Through this partnership, Power Workplace has the exclusive right to distribute Allterco’s award-winning Shelly line of automation products to the higher education market in Hong Kong.

        Power Workplace is a PropTech system integrator and IoT technology solution provider in Hong Kong. Power Workplace is dedicated to developing solutions and applications for today’s business needs for smart offices, smart buildings, and employee productivity enhancement through the design and implementation of smart workplace solutions with real-time occupancy analytics. Currently Power Workplace focuses on the higher education market where the company is working with 3 of the biggest universities in Hong Kong and is quickly expanding its presence.

        Unlike many other brands, Shelly devices are compatible with all electrical installations, which makes them the perfect choice for the automation of buildings without doing any additional reconstruction. Furthermore, Shelly Plus and Pro devices’ unique scripting functionalities allow developing custom scripts based on light, hour, weather, or various occurrences that make the smart automation even more intuitive and helpful in the day-to-day life.

        “More than 5 million Shelly devices have been sold globally,” said Raymond Chan, CEO of Power Workplace. “We are excited to bring these innovative smart automation solutions to our customers in Hong Kong.”

        “We are thrilled to partner with Power Workplace and deliver Shelly devices to the education market in Hong Kong. This is an important milestone for our company as it gives us the amazing opportunity to be part of the education process of so many talented and ambitious young professionals and acknowledged educators.” – said Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO Allterco

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