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        Shelly Kits

        Automate your life, save on bills, and create lasting family memories

         Introducing our new Shelly Kits

          Elevate your comfort,  simplify your life, and put an end to those 'lights off' discussions with your family. 

        Say goodbye to energy waste and hello to relaxation. 

        Let us light up your world! 

        Turn any device smart
        Automate your lights
        Plug & Play Kit
        Control humidity
        Create comfort
        Sensor Kit
        Auto turn your lights on and off
        Set schedules that fit your life
        Lighting Control Kit

        Plug & Play Kit

        The quick smart home project

        Discover the fastest and simplest way to transform your home into a smart oasis proven to reduce family disputes and save on your electricity bill. 

        Plug & Play Kit - use case #1
        With our Shelly Smart plug, you can effortlessly convert any ordinary device into a smart one. 

        Say goodbye to the hassle of getting off the couch to switch off a lamp; now you can control it directly from your smartphone. Sounds great right? 

        Family friendly device smart plug
        Plug & Play Kit - use case #2
        Stay in control of your home's ambiance by scheduling and managing the Shelly Duo remotely.

         Adjust the temperature and brightness of your lights with ease, whether your wife wants to experiment with new home decor trends or your kids want the lights to be less bright while they watch TV.

        Sensor Kit

        The (other) guardian of your home

        Rest easy knowing that Shelly devices optimize energy usage by activating additional appliances only when necessary, eliminating any need for your kids to tamper with them. 

        Plus, you’ll relax knowing your wine cooler and cigar humidor is at the right humidity level always.

        Sensor Kit - use case #1
        Take charge of your home's temperature with our Shelly Motion2 sensor. 

        When a room reaches a specific temperature and someone enters, you can have a fan automatically turn on, creating a comfortable environment. 

        Sensor Kit - use case #2
        Worried about excessive humidity in your laundry room or house? 

        Our devices can activate dehumidifiers when the humidity level rises, protecting your space from the harmful effects of mold. 

        Family friendly device smart plug

        Lighting Control Kit

        No Lights Left Behind

        Designed for the tech-savvy who wants to minimize energy waste and keep his electricity bill in check, our Lighten Your Mood Kit is the perfect solution. This kit will allow you to automate, dim to the brightness you enjoy, and even set schedules for lighting where you need it.

        Lighting Control Kit - use case #1
        Tired of finding the closet, laundry room, and kitchen lights left on long after everyone’s been gone? 

        Our Shelly Motion2 sensors automatically switch on the lights when someone enters the room and promptly turn them off when the area is vacant. You’ll feel at peace knowing your family is never coming home to a dark home.

        Shelly Duo smart bulb installed outdoor
        Lighting Control Kit - use case #2
        Lights that follow the sun

        Enjoy the benefits of intelligent lighting, such as customizable scheduling and brightness adjustments based on weather conditions and the time of day.