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        Smart Restaurant
        With Selected Shelly Products
        Modern restaurant interior smart controlled with Shelly

        smart office

        45% reduction in the operational costs of the establishment

        The restaurant and entertainment industry is constantly changing, looking for new and contemporary ways to meet modern demands and offer a unique experience to guests. But most importantly, the ever-growing competition and the record inflation in the past few years are making it difficult to cut costs. 

        However, a closer look at a restaurant's energy consumption and automation solutions based on this analysis will have a beneficial effect on business and could lead to up to a 45% reduction in operational costs. 

        Appliances control & monitoring

        Automate the electrical appliances in the restaurant and track their energy consumption wherever you are. Shelly will inform you in case an appliance is forgotten and left working outside of restaurant working hours, notifying you to switch it off to avoid electricity consumption waste. Additionally, you can set smart schedules and have Shelly cut off the power to all unused electrical appliances during the night and turn them back on right before the kitchen opens.

        Preventative maintanance

        When an electrical appliance is damaged, it doesn't simply stop working. Usually, it increases the amount of energy used in an attempt to compensate for its operational capacity. Since there is no visible difference in its performance, it might take months before you can identify a problem, leading to inefficiency and wasted energy. Shelly, however, will immediately report the increase in energy consumption and will save you additional expenses on repairs or replacement of equipment.

        Precise energy consumption of the kitchen appliances
        Shelly 3EM
        Set working schedules for your appliances
        Shelly Pro 4PM
        Dynamic lights control

        Energy-efficient lighting can reduce electricity use by up to 50% thanks to smart schedules, timers, and sensors. Shelly automation solutions enable you to automate the lights in each premise individually and set custom schedules for each. In addition, Shelly Motion2 will ensure the most efficient use of the lights in the common spaces. The motion sensor will switch on the lights when someone enters and will switch them off once the premises are empty.

        Modern restaurant with lamps and plants controlled with Shelly
        Efficient temperature control

        Keeping the temperature at a comfortable level in restaurants is a key contributor to the comfort of the guests. However, it is hard to maintain an optimal temperature without any energy going to waste. The cooling and heating systems in restaurants should follow the dynamic changes in the temperatures during the different seasons. Shelly smart schedules combined with advanced temperature and humidity sensors and precise weather data will provide dynamic control of the heating system for an optimal indoor climate.

        Black wall in a restaurant with Shelly sensor
        An awning that follows the weather

        The outdoor motorized awnings offer pleasant shade for the establishment visitors on sunny days. However, a strong, unexcepted wind can damage them beyond repair. By combining it with a wind sensor or simply by using a script to receive data for the weather forecast, Shelly Plus 2PM can automatically close the outside awnings to protect them from the wind. Additionally, if the weather forecast predicts rain in the afternoon hours, Shelly will open the awnings again to protect the outside seated customers.

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        Welcoming lavatory premises

        Provide your guests with maximum comfort when visiting the lavatory without wasting energy. Shelly will turn on the lights and switch on the ventilation when someone enters the premises. Once the room is empty, the lights will switch off and the air freshener will activate to spread a pleasant scent.

        Lavatory space with lights on controlled with Shelly
        Discover Shelly line of devices for automation of restaurants and cafes
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