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        Smart Heating & Cooling

        Smart Climate control With selected Shelly Products

        Heating and cooling

        Minimize energy waste

        Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable. When temperatures fluctuate, it’s possible to waste heat and energy while trying to maintain your desired ambient temperature, leading to higher seasonal bills. With Shelly's smart schedules, timers, and extended scripting functionalities, you can easily keep an eye on your heating and cooling by knowing your spending while minimizing energy waste. 

        Use Shelly heating solutions for: 
        Space Heating
        Space Heating
        Optimize your heating during cold months with custom schedules and smart scenes that will make sure no energy ever goes to waste!
        Water Heating
        Water Heating
        Effortlessly reduce water and energy wastage by automating your water heater with Shelly.
        Space Cooling
        Space Cooling
        Make sure that the temperature at home is always pleasant. Use Shelly smart features for dynamic control of your cooling devices.

        Space Heating

        Make your old space heater smart

        Controlling the temperature at home has never been easier! There is no need to invest in expensive smart appliances. If you have an old space heater, don't let go of it just yet! Instead, make it smart by simply plugging it into Shelly Plug! Then, create a scene with Shelly Plus H&T and have the heater turn on once the sensor detects a drop in temperature levels. And the cherry on top? You always know how much energy you’re consuming!

        space heating

        Efficient floor heating control

        Make sure the temperature of your business facility or home is always welcoming – whether it’s a yoga studio, gym changing room, spa center, or your own living room! With Shelly Plus 1PM, you can control your floor heating based on the current weather forecast, sensor data (i.e Shelly Flood), or on a set schedule.

        Smart Wi-Fi
        Flood Sensor
        Shelly Flood
        $21.90 Excl. VAT
        Smart Wi-Fi relay for control and monitoring
        Shelly Plus 1PM UL
        $19.90 Excl. VAT
        space heating
        Maintain the perfect temperatures

        Easily keep track of the temperature fluctuations and maintain comfortable levels of heat at home. Place Shelly Plus H&T at a distance from your radiators to make sure you get the most precise temperature measurements. In case Shelly Plus H&T reports a decrease in the temperature, Shelly TRV will adjust the heat flow accordingly to reach and maintain the desired temperature. 

        Smart Wi-Fi
        Thermostatic Radiator Valve
        Shelly TRV
        $65.90 Excl. VAT

        Water Heating and cooling

        Efficient water heating

        Effortlessly reduce water and energy wastage by automating your water heater with Shelly and measuring its consumption. Smart scheduling can help you follow the night energy tariff, as well as your personal daily schedule to help you optimize energy efficiency in the simplest way.

        Water Heater controlled by Shelly Plus 1PM
        Automate your water heating system distribution manifold

        Have your heating system work only where and when it is needed! Connect Shelly Pro 3 to the motorized electrical valves in your water distribution box and measure the temperature in every room using Shelly Plus H&T. Now, when the temperature falls below your desired level, the heating in this room will be automatically turned on. This way, Shelly will automatically stop the heating and water flow in warm rooms to heat the cold rooms instead, saving you energy. 

        water pump in a home heating system controlled by Shelly Pro 4PM
        Heat the water to an optimal temperature

        Cover your daily usage with no wastage! Using Shelly PM relays, you can track the optimal energy needed to heat the water in your water heater in order to cover your needs. Together with a temperature sensor, Shelly relays can turn off the water heater automatically when the optimal temperature is reached. 

        Optimal water heating with Shelly Plus 1PM

        Space cooling

        space cooling
        Blinds optimization for temperature control

        On very sunny days use smart scheduling features for dynamic control of the window blinds to optimize the work of the AC system. Set the automated window blinds or curtains to close during the hours of the day when the sun is shining down on your windows and additionally heating the room. That way the AC system will not have to compensate for the heat by increasing its working power and will save on energy. And don't worry about losing the pleasant daylight! Once the sun changes its position, the blinds will automatically open again. 

        Woman Controlling the smart Blinds sensitivity on a tablet