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        Make any appliances

        Monitor and control your appliances the smart way


        Appliances control and monitoring

        use cases
        Fits behind any socket

        Automate your sockets and measure the power of any connected appliance. Hook your washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, or any other electrical appliance and get precise measurements of the power consumption of each of them, allowing you to know when the program has finished. Additionally, you can switch them on/off remotely, no matter where you are.

        Ensure the most efficient work of your appliances

        Many appliances, homes, and buildings use more energy than they actually need, leading to energy waste. Shelly's professional line can help reduce this waste and with it - the monthly energy bills. Install Shelly Pro 4PM inside the breaker box and monitor and control the power consumption of your electrical devices. Use smart schedules to set Shelly Pro 4PM to turn off the power supply of all unused electrical appliances after working hours so that there is no energy waste.

        use cases
        Preventative management

        When an electrical appliance is damaged, it doesn't simply stop working. Usually, it increases the amount of energy used in an attempt to compensate for its operational capacity. Since there is no visible difference in its performance, it might take months before you can identify a problem, leading to inefficiency and wasted energy. Shelly, however, will immediately report the increase in energy consumption and will save you additional expenses on repairs or replacement of equipment.

        Alternatives (other products)
        use cases
        Make your old space heater smart

        Controlling the temperature at home has never been easier! There is no need to invest in expensive smart appliances. If you have an old space heater, don't let go of it just yet! Instead, make it smart by simply plugging it into Shelly Plus Plug US! Then, create a scene with Shelly Plus H&T and have the heater turn on once the sensor detects a drop in temperature levels. And the cherry on top? You’ll always know how much energy you’re consuming!

        Smart Wi-Fi plug 
        Shelly Qubino Wave Plug US​
        $24.90 Excl. VAT
        Smart Humidity & Temperature 
        Wi-Fi Sensor
        Shelly H&T Gen3
        $31.90 Excl. VAT
        Use cases
        Equipment damages prevention

        Shelly Flood sensor can prevent potential threats, including equipment damage by simply placing the smart sensor close to your connected appliances, like dryers, refrigerators, or washing machines. If Shelly Flood detects any leaks, it will immediately trigger Shelly Plus 1PM to cut off the power supply of the socket, preventing potential threats.