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        Smart Doors & Garage gates
        With Selected Shelly Products
        Cozy Home Interior with Shelly Doors/Windows 2


        Control your smart lock, garage, or gate from anywhere!

        Shelly can automate your garage doors and gates! Take advantage of the highly customizable features of Shelly devices for smart control and set various automation scenes for maximum comfort and efficient energy use. 

        Smart doors
        Smart doors
        The remote control of your door has never been easier! Now you will never miss a delivery and will be able to invite your early guests in.
        Garages & Gates
        Garages & Gates
        Control your garage or gate no matter where you are! Shelly will help you customize your experience with smart schedules and scenes.
        Remote control of the garage door 

        Connect Shelly Plus 1 to your existing garage door opener and control it from anywhere! Now, you can easily let your family or guests come through while you're cooking by just using your voice, or open it using Shelly Button1 or the app when you arrive home from work.

        Remote Control Garage door with Shelly Button + Shelly 1
        Motorized office gate 

        Most offices have their yard closed during non-working hours as a security precaution. Provide optimal comfort to your employees by automating the office gates using smart scheduling options. The gates will open right before the working hours every morning during the work week and will stay closed over the weekend. 

        Smart office gate scheduling with Shelly Button + Shelly 1


        Door lock control

        Never again worry if you locked the front door before you leave. With Shelly Plus 1 you can manage your door lock remotely! That way you will not have to rush home if your children are back from school before you've finished work, or if you've forgotten your keys inside while going out to run a quick errand. With just a press of a button, Shelly Plus 1 eliminates the need for your keys.

        Never miss the doorbell again

        Don't worry if you are doing some gardening in the backyard and you don't hear the doorbell. Shelly UNI will ensure that you receive a notification on your smartphone when the doorbell rings - and allow you to open the door using the app or your voice. That way, you will not miss the delivery person ever again! To take your automation a step further, connect Shelly UNI to your intercom and open the building's door remotely!  

        Discover Shelly Smart doors & Garage gates devices:
        Shelly Plus 2PM
        Shelly Plus 2PM
        Automation straight from the breaker box! Automate the gates of the office or your residential building and set smart scheduling options. 
        Shelly Plus 1
        Shelly Plus 1
        Garage door automation has never been easier! Now you can control your garage door with one tap on your smartphone!
        Shelly UNI
        Shelly UNI
        Never again miss a delivery! Shelly UNI will send a notification the moment someone buzzes on your doorbell!