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        Existing Home
        Use Shelly retrofit devices to easily 
        automate your existing home! 
        Luxury living room with plants and lights remote control with Shelly


        Shelly can make any existing home or building smart!

        Shelly devices are retrofit! The smart relays easily integrate behind your existing light switches and wall sockets, with no need to rewire or make changes to the current electrical system. Shelly will help you modify the existing lights, home gadgets, and various appliances and will allow you to control them remotely while keeping track of their power consumption. Retrofitting solutions will help retain the familiarity and comfort of your present home appliances while updating them with the latest technology to enhance their efficiency.

        Retrofit solutions for quick and easy automation of the lights 

        Now there is no need to invest in expensive smart bulbs or entire smart home systems! Shelly relays for automation of the lights can make virtually any light smart and allow you to control it through your phone. No hub required! Or if you prefer, you can easily integrate Shelly with your voice assistant and switch on your lights by saying "Alexa, turn on bedroom lights!" Small enough to fit behind every wall switch or wall socket, Shelly Plus 1 is fully retrofitted and can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

        Affordable automaiton of your lights with 
        Shelly retrofit solutions:
        $56.64(excl. taxes/VAT)
        $35.08(excl. taxes/VAT)
        $39.00(excl. taxes/VAT)
        A warm welcome home

        Give a warm welcome to your loved ones when entering your home. When placed on the front door, Shelly Door/Window2 sensor can be set to turn the lights on when the front door is opened, and of course, alert you of your visitors. 

        Make your old space heater smart

        Controlling the temperature at home has never been easier! There is no need to invest in expensive smart appliances. If you have an old space heater, don't let go of it just yet! Instead, make it smart by simply plugging it into Shelly Plus Plug! 

        Then, create a scene with Shelly Plus H&T and have the heater turn on once the sensor detects a drop in temperature levels. And the cherry on top? You’ll always know how much energy you’re consuming!

        Smart radiators for efficient heating

        Make sure you use your radiators in the most efficient way! Replace the old thermostatic valves of your radiators with Shelly TRV in less than 5 minutes and be able to control the heat no matter where you are. Shelly TRV can activate custom scenes and smart schedules based on hour, temperature, or various actions. You can set Shelly TRV to maintain a lower heating level in the kitchen while you are asleep and increase it an hour before you wake up so that the room is warm and ready for your family’s breakfast!

        Bright room with white radiator controlled by Shelly TRV
        Curtains that follow your schedule

        Have your curtains let in the morning light automatically as you wake up. Choose the exact time and position you want your curtains to move to, or use Shelly Motion2 to automatically trigger them as soon as you raise your head from the pillow.

        GARAGE door control
        Remote control of the garage door

        Connect Shelly Plus 1 to your existing garage door opener and control it from anywhere! Now, you can easily let your family or guests come through while you're cooking by just using your voice, or open it using Shelly Button1 or the app when you arrive home from work."

        Remote Control Garage door with Shelly Button + Shelly 1
        Automate the irrigation system based on the weather

        Having a beautiful garden is not an easy task, especially when you have tons of other responsibilities during the day. Thanks to Shelly's scheduling and scripting functionalities, you can now set your irrigation to not only water at night but also to follow the weather conditions and water your garden only when it is sunny, skipping the rainy days. 

        Green and sunny garden with smart irrigation system
        Stop water when not at home

        We're all planning time away, but we shouldn't have to leave our homes fully unsupervised. Use Shelly Plus 1 to control your home's water supply and Shelly Flood to monitor for leaks. Together, they can save your home from disastrous water damage! 

        Smart control of your home's water supply
        Shelly Plus 1 UL
        Prevent water damage to your home with Shelly Flood
        Shelly Flood
        Discover Shelly retrofit solutions for existing buildings:
        Shelly TRV
        Shelly TRV
        Make your radiators smart and control them remotely no matter where you are! Easily set working schedules to optimize your heating costs.
        Shelly Plus 1
        Shelly Plus 1
        Garage door automation has never been easier! Now you can control your garage door with one tap on your smartphone!
        Shelly Dimmer2
        Shelly Dimmer2
        Adjust the luminous intensity of your lights and set the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing evening or a movie night. Shelly Dimmer 2 does not require a neutral wire.