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        ACTIVE course 
        Shelly Scripting 
        Summer 2024
        ACTIVE course 
        Shelly Scripting 
        Summer 2024
        Modern house/home exterior with smart control on sunset

         What is Shelly Academy 

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        Shelly Academy offers educational programs that allow you to discover the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and unlock the full potential of your Shelly devices by personalizing them to your needs and integrating them into any home automation system. With practical exercises designed to help you apply your newfound knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios, you'll have all the tools you need to take control of your Shelly devices and fully customize them to your liking.

        Why choose Shelly Academy
        Online Training
        Online Training
        Real-time course with lifetime access to lesson recordings and content. 
        Expert Tutors
        Expert Tutors
        Receive help from a mentor in understanding the learning course materials.
        Active Group
        Active Group
        Access to a closed Facebook community with all other course participants. 
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        Get Certified
        Renowned certification is provided after a successful course completion. 
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        What we achieved so far
        <sup>900+</sup><br>Past Participants
        Past Participants

        High interest in both past courses: Shelly Scripting Basics and Shelly Scripting Advanced.  

        <sup>75%+</sup><br>Met Expectations
        Met Expectations
        Students concur that both past courses were aligned with their expectations.
        <sup>70+</sup><br>Covered Countries
        Covered Countries
        Lifetime access to lectures enables global participation across various time zones.
        I loved the mix between the online lectures, the questions on Slido and the additional exercises. It created a fully well-rounded experience, which helped a ton! The whole team are pros through and through! They made sure to meet each question with an answer and impressively handled all of the different levels of comprehension and skill from the students. The course pushed me to step outside the box and inspired me to take my knowledge to the next level.
        Tomasz Harrel
        The Shelly Scripting Basics – May 2023 course from SoftUni Global offered all of the programming possibilities for the second-generation Shelly devices, which was so great to learn about! The main programming concepts and the possibilities you have when using Java script with Node JS were amazing to see and go over. I enjoyed finding out more about debugging scripts when using Visual Studio Code, and I feel so eager to learn more!
        Adrian Müller
        It was wonderful to experience such a well-structured course! The speed at which topics were discussed and explained was great even for those who had limited programming experience. They were always acknowledged without slowing down the students with a bit more familiarity with the information, and the teacher was well-read and explained things really well. He made time to answer each question and even provided coded examples!
        Herman Burns
        The lecturer and other teachers who collaborated explained even the most difficult-to-grasp topics in the easiest way possible. Each subject was addressed step by step and each sentence became easy to understand. I loved the detail in the Script itself and the ability to put what I’ve learned into action.
        Sinead Allen