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        Shelly Smart Control
        Shelly Smart Control
        Shelly Smart Control: One App to control everything!

        Shelly Smart Control

        Premium benefits
        Seize full control

        Go Premium and enjoy enhanced control over your devices! Get a three-month free trial upon subscribing!

        Event logs per user5 per device100 per device
        Extended data visualisation1 hour intervals1 min intervals
        Аn еxtended number of Alexa virtual actions up to 3 virtual actions with Alexaup to 100 virtual actions with Alexa
        Additional dashboardsup to 5up to 20
        Widgets per dashboardup to 40up to 80
        Weather information Widget
        Weather-forecast scene execution
        Forgotten lights reminder
        Device failure detection
        Monthly energy reports

        Shelly Smart Control PREMIUM 


        Extended Event Log

        Unlock the ability to track up to 100 events per device. A detailed history of your devices' activity right at your fingertips!

        Enhanced Statistics Data Visualization

        Premium makes saving easy! See a clear view of all your statistical data in 1-minute intervals.  

        Additional Alexa Virtual Actions

        Enjoy flawless automations with the ability to create up to 100 Alexa virtual actions. Let your devices do more!

        Integrated Weather Information widget 

        Access detailed weather information customized to your chosen location. Stay informed and plan better!

        Weather-triggered Scenes

        Easily create scenes that respond to the weather forecast and have your home automatically adjust to nature.

        Monthly energy reports 
        coming soon

        Get monthly energy reports within the app and have them delivered to your email for an overall view of your consumption patterns. 

        Additional Dashboards

        Why stop at 5 dashboards, when you can make them 20? Have customized, easy control of all your devices, rooms, groups, and scenes.

        Additional Dashboard Widgets 

        Create up to 80 custom widgets to gain easy control of your devices in each of your dashboards. 

        Forgotten Lights Reminder

        Never worry about leaving your lights on again! In case you do - you will get reminders via push notification or email. Safety, convenience, and energy savings, all in one.

        Device Failure Detection 
        coming soon

        Wondering if your appliances are working as intended? With Premium, you will get notified about any strange behaviors based energy consumption.

        Subscription Plans

        Monthly Plan

        3.99 EUR/month

        Free for 3 months, then 3.99 EUR per month after. Offer only available if you haven’t tried Premium before. Cancel anytime.

        Annual Plan

        35.99 EUR/year

        Free for 3 months, then 35.99 EUR billed annually. Offer only available if you haven’t tried Premium before. Cancel anytime.

         Go Premium 

                Enjoy enhanced control over your devices, spaces and energy consumption. Try Free for 3 months, then cancel anytime! 

        Go Premium