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        Energy saving Smart Home

        Monitoring and saving energy!

        energy saving

        No more energy waste

        Many appliances, homes, and buildings use more energy than they need, leading to energy waste. Energy efficiency is the easiest way to eliminate it by using less energy for the same job, leading to reduced monthly energy bills and making energy more affordable for businesses and families. Shelly automation solutions can help you do that. 

        Shelly home and facility automation solutions can help reduce your carbon footprint and monthly energy bills by up to 40%.

        STEP 1
        Understand your energy consumption

        Electric meters installed in houses take a reading at the end of every month to determine the monthly bill based on the units of electricity consumed by each household. The energy consumption meter calculates the amount of energy consumed by various electrical devices and appliances, hence - the amount due to be paid. 

        Understand your energy consumption via Shelly App
        STEP 2
        Smart energy management through process automation

        Once energy usage is monitored and analyzed, Shelly will help you make informed energy management decisions and maximize savings by providing the best possible process automation solution based on the energy analysis and your personal energy efficiency goals.

        Understand your energy consumption via Shelly App

        The average household has several major areas of energy use. These are also the areas where smart energy management will make significant reductions in energy usage and subsequently – monthly bills – with less effort.

        No more forgotten lights 

        Never again worry if you have forgotten a light switched on before leaving for work or a family vacation. Your smart home can now notify you of any lights working outside their usual pattern and allow you to turn them off remotely, reducing energy waste.

        No more forgotten lights Shelly Plus 1PM
        Roller-shutter & blinds optimisation

        On very sunny days, use smart scheduling features or a sensor for dynamic control of the window blinds to optimize the work of the AC system. Set the automated window blinds or curtains to close during the hours of the day when the sun is shining down on your windows and additionally heating the room. That way, the AC system will not have to compensate for the heat by increasing its working power and will save on energy. And don't worry about losing the pleasant daylight! Once the afternoon hours approach, the blinds will automatically open again.

        Roller shutter & blinds optimization for temperature control
        Heat the water to an optimal temperature 

        Cover your daily usage with no wastage! Using Shelly PM relays, you can track the optimal energy needed to heat the water in your water heater in order to cover your needs. Together with a temperature sensor, Shelly relays can turn off the water heater automatically when the optimal temperature is reached. Additionally, smart scheduling can help you follow the night energy tariff, as well as your personal daily schedule, further optimizing energy efficiency.

        Ensure the most efficient work of your appliances 

        Many appliances, homes, and buildings use more energy than they actually need, leading to energy waste. Shelly's professional line can help reduce this waste and with it - the monthly energy bills. Install Shelly Pro 4PM inside the breaker box and monitor and control the power consumption of the electrical devices. Use smart schedules to set Shelly 4PM to turn off the power supply of all unused electrical devices after working hours so that there is no energy waste.

        No more forgotten lights Shelly Pro 4PM
        Automate your irrigation system based on the weather 

        Having a beautiful garden is not easy an easy task, especially when you have many other responsibilities during the day. Thanks to Shelly's scheduling and scripting functionalities, you can now set your irrigation to not only water at night but also to follow the weather conditions and water your garden only when it is sunny, skipping the rainy days.

        heating automation
        Efficient floor heating control

        Make sure the temperature of your business facility or home is always welcoming – whether it’s a yoga studio, gym changing room, spa center, or your own living room!  

        Control your floor heating based on the current weather forecast, sensor data (i.e Shelly Flood), or on a set schedule.


        The energy use differs depending on the type of the building and the type of its activities and purpose. However, commercial buildings usually have common areas of energy usage.  These are also the areas where smart energy management will make significant reductions in energy usage and subsequently – monthly bills.

        Lights that follow your work schedule

        Automate the lights and optimise energy consumption through smart schedules, timers, and extended scripting functionalities. Shelly office automation solutions allow you to automate the lights on each floor separately and set custom schedules for each of them. Set the lights on the operational floors to switch off completely after the working day is over and switch back on only where it is necessary at 7.00 in the morning. This way, you will not have to worry about any forgotten lights and no energy will go to waste. 

        Alternatives (other products)
        Lights that follow your work schedule Shelly Pro 1PM
        Common space lights automation 

        Common spaces such as halls, garages, and storage rooms usually have their lights constantly switched on. However, that leads to inefficient usage of energy and unnecessary monthly costs. Shelly Motion2 will ensure the most efficient use of the lights in the common spaces. The motion sensor will switch on the lights when someone enters and will switch them off once the premises are empty.

        Alternatives (other products)
        Heating system based on the current weather 

        Ensure that no energy will go to waste and will be used most efficiently by automating the heating/cooling system to follow the current weather forecast thanks to Shelly Pro 1PM scripting functionalities. If the temperatures unexpectedly drop below preset degrees, Shelly Pro 1PM will turn on the heating to ensure a comfortable environment for the employees. Once the desired temperature is reached, Shelly Plus H&T will automatically switch off Shelly Pro 1PM, ensuring that no energy goes to waste.

        Alternatives (other products)
        Heating-system based on current weather Shelly Pro 1PM
        Dynamic control of the shades 

        With advanced daily schedules and weather forecast data, you can optimize the daylight to save on artificial lighting and avoid excessive temperature variations by automating the shades. The dynamic control will help you optimize the work of the HVAC system by setting the motorized blinds in different parts of the building to close when the sun is shining down directly and open again once the sun's position has changed. That way, neither the light nor the heat will bother the employees.

        Lights that follow your work schedule Shelly Pro 2PM
        Avoid unnecessary energy usage by controlling the office equipment power supply 

        Computers and monitors that somebody forgot to turn off, plugged chargers, lit up desk lights, printers and copy machines left switched on, etc. - all these appliances are consuming energy over the weekend when nobody is in the office, unnecessarily burdening the monthly bills. Avoid that by setting Shelly Pro 4PM to cut off the power supply of the office appliances over the weekend to save on energy. Use smart scheduling functions to make sure the power supply is restored before the employees start arriving at the office.