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        New Smart Home
        Enhanced home automation straight 
        from the breaker box
        New Smart Home
        Enhanced home automation straight 
        from the breaker box
        Modern house/home exterior with smart control on sunset

        new smart home

        The best solution for new home buildings and business facilities

        The integration of smart systems for power monitoring and control of new buildings is a key stage in the engineering process and an increasingly important benefit to the real estate market. The professional line of Shelly Wi-Fi and Bluetooth relays with LAN connection and precise power management allow supreme home and facility automation straight from the breaker box. The Shelly Pro line is perfect for new homes, offices, stores, and business facilities.

        Shelly Pro Line:
        DIN-rail mountable and enhanced with Wi-Fi, LAN, and Bluetooth connectivity 
        Shelly Pro 1
        1-phase, 1-channel relay with potential-free outputs (dry contacts), supporting up to 16A for professional lights and appliance automation for residential or commercial use.
        €58.41(Inc. VAT)
        Shelly Pro 1PM
        1-phase, 1-channel relay with an integrated power meter, which allows you to measure the precise power consumption of all automated lights or heavier appliances.
        €71.39(Inc. VAT)
        Shelly Pro 2PM
        1-phase, 2-channel relay with two integrated precise power meters that allow customers to control and monitor the consumption for each channel separately. Suitable for roller shutter automation.
        €97.35(Inc. VAT)
        Shelly Pro 4PM
        Professional 4-channel DIN rail smart switch with power metering, supporting up to 16A per channel. Control and monitor the consumption for each channel separately.
        €115.52(Inc. VAT)
        Shelly Pro 3
        €82.48(Inc. VAT)
        Shelly Pro 2
        1-phase, 2-channel relay with potential-free outputs (dry contacts), supporting a total device maximum of 25A for professional lights and appliance automation
        €77.76(Inc. VAT)
        Smart and efficient lights

        Automate the lights and optimize your lights' energy consumption through smart schedules, timers, and extended scripting functionalities. Shelly Pro 1 and Shelly Pro 2 can help you automate the lights and set them to switch off completely at night or during the hours when nobody is present.

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        Heating system that follows the weather

        Ensure that no energy will go to waste and will be used most efficiently by automating the heating/cooling system to follow the current weather forecast thanks to Shelly Pro 1PM scripting functionalities. If the temperatures unexpectedly drop below preset degrees, Shelly Pro 1PM will turn on the heating to ensure a comfortable environment for the whole family. Once the desired temperature is reached, Shelly Plus H&T will automatically switch off Shelly Pro 1PM, ensuring that no energy goes to waste.

        Advanced control of your heating system
        Shelly Pro 1PM
        €71.39 Inc. VAT
        Precise temperature measurements for smart actions
        Shelly Plus H&T
        €35.28 Inc. VAT
        Ensure the most efficient work of your appliances

        Many appliances, homes, and buildings use more energy than they actually need, leading to energy waste. Shelly's professional line can help reduce this waste and with it - the monthly energy bills. Install Shelly Pro 4PM inside the breaker box and monitor and control the power consumption of the electrical devices. Use smart schedules to set Shelly 4PM to turn off the power supply of all unused electrical devices after working hours so that there is no energy waste. 

        Beautiful garden with smart irrigation system

        Whether you live in a house, a building complex, or even an apartment with a terrace, there is nothing more welcoming than a beautiful garden. However, keeping it fresh and flourishing is not an easy task, especially when you have other responsibilities as well. No need to invest in expensive irrigation solutions, because Shelly can help you make your irrigation system smart! You can set custom daily or weekly watering schedules, and the scripting functionalities will allow you to set your irrigation system to follow the weather conditions and water your garden only when it is sunny, skipping the rainy days.

        Automation of the common spaces for efficient energy use

        Common spaces such as halls, garages, and storage rooms have their lights constantly switched on. However, that leads to inefficient usage of energy and unnecessary monthly costs. Add Shelly Motion2 to your smart lighting solution and ensure the most efficient usage of the lights. Shelly Motion2 will switch on the lights when someone enters, and its pre-set smart timer will switch the lights off once the premises are empty. That way, no energy will go to waste.

        Lights control straight from the breaker box
        Shelly Pro 4PM
        €115.52 Inc. VAT
        Use the lights only when they are needed
        Shelly Motion 2
        €47.08 Inc. VAT
        Remote control of the parking gates

        Security services are costly to maintain. Shelly allows the automation of access control for your office or home, giving you remote control over your parking barrier or gate door. Use smart scheduling to set Shelly Pro 1 to keep the barrier open between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM when people are leaving the office to ease the traffic. 

        Alternatives (other products)
        Remote control parking barrier with the phone with Shelly Pro 1
        Full compatibility
        Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android and iOS. Together with the voice assistant, you can command Shelly devices using just your voice! 
        OK Google, set Lights to 60 percent
        Alexa, set the curtains to 75 percent
        Discover Shelly solutions for new buildings:
        Shelly Pro 2PM
        Shelly Pro 2PM
        From automation of the garage gate to control of your blinds, curtains, and outside awning, Shelly Plus 2PM will make your house follow your own schedule.
        Shelly Pro 2
        Shelly Pro 2
        Take advantage of enhanced functionalities and professional lights and appliance automation for new residential or commercial buildings.
        Shelly Pro 4PM
        Shelly Pro 4PM
        Lights and appliances automation straight from the breaker box! Shelly Pro 4PM is equipped with 4 channels with precise power meters.