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        8 Holiday Gifts for Tech Lovers Who Love Shelly!
        December 05, 2023

        The 2023 holiday season is approaching quickly, and we know you want to spread the cheer this year with Shelly gifts they'll actually love! So avoid the "ugh, another picture frame" thoughts or that statue for the mantle that will only be put out when you visit by sharing the gift of home automation instead. 

        Here are ten holiday gift ideas to give the tech lover in your life this season! 

        Next-Generation WiFi Plug

        Do you know someone who loves a steaming cup of coffee right when they wake up? To be honest, who doesn't?! Or someone who forgets to turn off their hot iron when leaving the house? 

        The Shelly Plus Plug US is a WiFi-controlled plug that allows you to control outlet power from your phone! With customizable scheduling capabilities, that cup of coffee will be brewed before Nanny's feet hit the floor. Uncle John will never need to turn the car around to ensure the iron is switched off again. 

        Relays to Automate Everything

        Share the gift of complete home automation by giving them the  Shelly 1, which has the capability to:

        Control the lighting

        Garage door control

        Schedule your sprinklers

        Notify when someone is at the front door

        Control the door locks

        Motion sensors in and around the home

        Manage appliances

        The Shelly 1 is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so they can control their home even when their mobile devices are out of reach. 

        WiFi Motion Sensor

        Home security is a priority for everyone. So make it a possibility with the Shelly Motion 2. This WiFi motion sensor's sleek design and portability make it a perfect fit for any living space. Did we mention there's no installation required?! 

        With a long-lasting battery life of over 12 months and real response time, the Shelly Motion 2 sends notifications when you're away from home. It also has the power to automate your blinds or turn on the lights when it senses movement! 

        WiFi Door and Window Sensor

        Take security one step further with the Shelly Door/Window Motion Sensor. Unlike portable motion sensors, these lightweight and highly compact sensors are made to be easily installed on any door or window. In addition, they offer a lightning-fast response time that will send an alert to Aunt Tilly's phone that her front door was opened! 

        A Control-Everything Button

        For the family who loves movie nights but hates getting off the couch to shut the lights. For the on-the-go guy who wants his garage doors open while he's on his way out there. 

        The Shelly Button1 is a programmable solution to help you turn off any other Shelly device with just one click. In addition, you can set it to connect with up to 4 different Shelly lights or relays. Its commands work from a distance, it's USB chargeable, and it's small enough to fit in your pocket! 

        Energy-Saving Temperature Control 

        The weather outside might be frightful, but the indoor environment doesn't have to be! Give the gift of comfort with the Shelly TRV to help your loved ones live comfortably. This sleek, WiFi-operated temperature valve will help them save on their energy bill, so it's the gift that keeps giving. 

        Control Those LED Strips

        The Shelly RGBW2 is for the gamer in your life! This is a small but powerful WiFi solution for controlling your LED strips from any mobile device, tablet, or cloud-based voice service (like Amazon Alexa). Connect your LED strips, and the Shelly RGBW2 will carry out commands such as powering on/off, running on a schedule, and even setting the mood with three different color effects.

        Light Up with Smart Bulbs 

        Watch them light up with the line of WiFi-operated light bulbs! With the Shelly Bulbs, they can control their atmosphere remotely to reflect their current mood. Adjust the dimmer, change the tone from cold to warm, and choose from 16 million color settings. Connect any of the Shelly Bulbs with your voice-activated smart device, so all they need to say is, "Alexa, change the lights to orange."  

        Set a customizable schedule, so the lights turn on and off as they come and go!

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